Siweiya teach you how to choose the standard underwear

Founded in 1986 in Taiwan, Siwei Er International Co., Ltd. is an international underwear enterprise integrating design, production and OEM marketing. Since its establishment in more than 20 years, it has developed into a modern multinational group company.

Dongguan Zhifu Garments Co., Ltd. is an operating agency set up by Sivar International in mainland China. It specializes in the market operation and brand management of SWEAR, CATOU, SHATINA and SOLIS in mainland China. The products range from bras, body underwear, beam pants, Pajamas, swimwear, men's underwear and other nine series.

Underwear for women is very important, not just a small clothing, but a woman to maintain the body's weapon. Different people choose the underwear is different, only to choose their own underwear to shape the curve of the body. Siwei Ya to tell you the criteria for the selection of underwear.

1. Chest flat, scattered women how to choose a bra?

Chest flat, spread caused by the spill there are many reasons, in addition to natural, some because a long time do not wear bra, so that any swim around the chest, resulting in chest spill. Or because I do not know how to choose the right size, bra size is too small, can not hold your chest, or because long-term wearing a sponge bra, the original chest fat flow squeezed back to the armpit, arm and stomach up . The beautiful chest you have to get flat, while the back appears bearish; some women because the models are not selected, so that the chest can not be concentrated, resulting in proliferation. Therefore, the above situation, please use a female ring steel backing, cups to three-dimensional. The best choice of full cup design bra, so there will be stereotypical power from the outside to the middle of the chest along the bandwidth with stability. And the cup is slightly narrower, and into the inside oblique type, in order to enhance the power pushed back to the center. Deepen the cleavage and will spread to the ribs and upper abdominal fat into it.

2. chest drooping women how to choose a bra?

Chest ptosis is often due to smaller chest and breasts higher. However, breast muscle relaxation, do not wear bras or bra improper choice, over time the chest sagging. To restore the original chest bodybuilding, first of all, you have to try to choose the use of steel rings and bras to enhance the function of the side, to strengthen the background, from bottom to top support. Also note that the shoulder strap width is consistent with the weight entrusted, so that the breast to a suitable position, and should pay attention to the bottom of the breast enlargement, and will be due to free flowing chest loose fat home. This type of women is the best choice to strengthen the chassis and lock the super bra, your chest can be filled and enhance the sagging up.


Siwei Ya underwear brand

3 chest petite women how to choose a bra?

Chest petite bra can be used to make up and save. Some people consider themselves the size of the chest, while wearing a bra or sponge, liquid chest pad bra. You know, though, the bra wearing a sponge or liquid chest pad feels slightly larger in appearance, but the consequence of this is that the flat, too small chest becomes smaller and the areola darkens due to long-term airtightness . While wearing too tight or too small bra will limit the development of the chest. Wear a slightly larger scientific bra to allow blood to flow through the chest and allow it to grow.

4 breasts full of women how to choose a bra?

Busty lady is best to wear thin fabric corset, fixed and locking function stronger. Best not to choose pure cotton underwear, because although cotton has the advantages of absorbent, breathable, but for fullness, it is easy to cause bloated, outdated adverse effects. Best not to choose plus padded bra. And can not choose too concentrated breast shape models, because it will make your chest more resilient, when you take off underwear, will be more outward expansion. Believe that your plumpness itself is a natural beauty. Best bra selected moderate chest width, deep cup, wide straps, plus steel bra has a strong bra support, it will help to protect your chest is not sagging.

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