Red Dragonfly 2012 Fashion Festival Dancing Dragonfly

Following the "dragon won 16 years" Wenzhou brand red dragonfly fashion feast, red dragonfly in the 2012 New Year set off another fashion storm. The evening of January 17, "Dragonfly Wyatt" 2012 Red Dragonfly New Year fashion festival staged in the Red Dragonfly Group. Strength to send artists to help fashion festival night, 2011 new generation of music genre "dawn" and Taiwan jade singer, with "K song queen," said Fang Jiwei appeared on stage for the festival to help out. The combination of "Daybreak" revealed in advance the upcoming EP EP album new classic MV, the latest EP in Taiwanese song "like Oh", with a cheerful rhythm bless everyone "new year more praise," as the Penghu Bay The theme song of "the summer of Penghu Bay" and their singles "sky fly" and other two songs also hit the scene like a lot of joy. However, the classic old songs such as "seagulls fly and fly" and "love stories" brought by Fang Jiwei also set off a nostalgic wave at the scene. Prior to this, "Tian Liangfei" members and Fang Ji but also invited to visit the China Shoes Museum of Culture and Red Dragonfly fashion flagship store. They marveled and admired the great efforts Red Dragonfly devoted to studying and protecting traditional culture. "The first time I saw so many ancient shoes, an eye-opener!" "Dawn Fly" portfolio member Wang Xu said. However, Fang Ji Wei red dragonfly season autumn and winter "Alps" theme shoes products enjoy soft spot. Red dragonfly company carefully prepared a pair of popular new boots donated to her. "This is good, I just wear this pair of boots with rich Alpine-style elements to fashion festival." Fang Ji-wei surprise that the trip a lot of harvest in Wenzhou. Wenzhou brand red dragonfly shoes 2012 new release Red Dragonfly T station turned into people Although there are many supermodel supermodel red dragonfly released two quarters of the popular trend to help out, red dragonfly or the gorgeous fashion festival T station Left to young and energetic after 80, 90 employees, so that employees are "fashion change" the way the New Year. After Red Dragonfly brand shoes and apparel, accessories, accessories with the whole category, more than 20 colleagues working with you usually instant magic into a "fashionistas" appeared in the T stage, the audience said "totally can not hold Up. " Inspired by the rhythm of live shows, with their own personality for an intuitive interpretation of fashion, "Fashion," "Fashion Lady," "fashion potential awards" and other awards were born in the cheers, the stage for the festival to add fresh, interactive , Affinity element. As one of the judges, Liu Huixiang, a member of Tian Liang Fei, marveled at the prize presentation as "unexpected." Hundreds of featured awards Corporate culture poetically enriched the flagship fashion brand "New Year", the red dragonfly New Year "culture card" is also essential, Red Dragonfly has insisted more than a decade of "Corporate Culture Award" is a feature Honors ceremony. In the evening fashion festival, the best Red Dragonfly employees in China came from all over the country and gathered together. 109 collectives and individuals were awarded the special awards. It is worth mentioning that the names of these awards are also very interesting. Such as "Green Grass Award" dedicated to the hard work of the market marketing staff, "Blue Sky Award" awarded to go hand in hand with the brand agents, "Lotus Award" is awarded the clever and thoughtful product designers, in order to motivate the development potential of employees And partners.

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