Balabala: The Fashion Power of Chinese Children's Apparel

With the 80s women gradually become the main body of the mother group, they showed a group of shopping after 70 different mothers with different characteristics. This generation who grew up under the influence of fast fashion attaches great importance to the quality of life. Moms and children entertainment, shopping, hope their taste of life can also be reflected in the children's dress up. The strong demand for stylish children's clothing needs a group of young children such a children's clothing brand "fashion design, with the current trends in the same fashion rich, full range, the best from the hat to the clothing to accessories all can buy the store must be large, The layout reflects the creativity and makes shopping a pleasure.Mames talk about this brand and think it is a fashionable and international children's wear brand and are willing to introduce it to their mom friends. "This is the 2006 Shanghai white- ---- At that time or 10-year-old child's mother, the hearts of children's clothing brand look forward to the description. Ms. Chen, Wenzhou ------ 3-year-old daughter's mother, boring boring no creative children's clothing design, so that her children always feel good enough. Young mom always want to take their children out, the children's dress as beautiful as their own, which is 80 after the pursuit of quality of life mother performance. In 2007, Balabala won the title of "China Famous Brand Product" and became a leader in the industry. It is also stepping up the layout of the national market channels. By then, the entire industry is not particularly demanding in fashion design. Balabala is keenly aware of consumer demand and realizes that young and trendy mothers have gradually become consumers of children's wear. Products should be more fashion-oriented and improved. Brightest clothes Since 2007, Balabala has recruited domestic and foreign fashion designers on a large scale and has established a strategic partnership with the French fashion information company for the sole purpose of designing more fashionable children's wear. The unprecedented growth of the designer team has become the core and soul of the entire brand operation. Balabala management, designer team round-trip international fashion week, and major international brands show field. "Product as the core" has become the consensus of the brand. French consulting company will be the forefront of the international trends, elements and designers seamless docking team, and directly involved in the design process. Insiders joked that Balabala's design division has a division in France. At the same time on CCTV large-scale advertising, direct appeal "more style, more choice," the design advantages. By the spring of 2008, Balabala apparel is fully synchronized with the current season international trends, product line continues to enrich and extend to cover the full range of children's clothing. At the same time the use of new fabrics, crafts, showing a big international style and perception. Ms. Li from Shanghai said "I walked into Balabala's shop and saw some shining clothes." Ms. Li, who loves modeling, started to release her passion for dressing up her son. Beautiful mother, handsome son walking in the street so Ms. Lee feels great. Beginning in 2008, inspired by Balabala, more children's clothing brands started to pay attention to the importance of fashion design and jointly pushed the overall fashion industry's fashion industry to a new height. Children reluctant to leave the store Many children are inconsistent with the mother go to the children's clothing shop to buy clothes. Ms. Chen said "daughter in the shop soon began to make a joke to leave, play outside things more, children impatiently stay in children's clothing shop waiting for clothes." Daughter for the first time and Ms. Chen play in the children's clothing store Do not want to leave, is in Wanda Street, Wenzhou, three-storey Balabala shop. For the first time, Ms. Chen saw this children's clothing store. This is Balabala joint British design company after two years of research, planning, and ultimately determine the "play store." Store facade with colorful lights to create the dream of children's paradise, a large number of curved surface design gives a gentle, lively feeling. The interior of the store has an inventive concept of "play", children's play area and cartoon and cultural area, which make the store a play place for children. Each Balabala shop has such a regular guest: a few kids eat dinner every day will be accompanied to the shop to play: playing children's billiards, reading comic books, eating free ice cream, playing the train tracks ... all over the country, nearly 1,000 square meters Super store, covering all kinds of clothing, shoes, underwear, hats, accessories, bags and other products, shopping in the Balabala store to become 80 after the mother's enjoyable and relaxed pleasure. Ms. Chen's work needs travel in major cities throughout the country, she saw the city of Balabala shop design are unique, a local fashion landmark. The same is every shop is full of amazing ideas, ubiquitous little surprise. Such as the cartoon image of the socks, price tags, full of whimsy wall graffiti, etc., "adults into the shop will feel very interesting, like into a childhood world," Ms. Chen said. Accompanied by the children grow up happy Children like to watch TV, chat QQ, play online games, children participate in these activities, often excitedly pointing to the screen shouting mother, "Mom, I see Balabala." Annual radiations National outdoor road shows are also the most anticipated festival for children, and the children of the city are gathered together as a big party, and mothers and children experience the joy of Balabala. The most impressive thing for Ms. Lee is Balabala's care for children in products, store design and services. Ms. Lee found her deeply touched by the introduction of Balabala on the Internet: Balabala is China's leading fashion children's wear brand with an international perspective and is also a children's wear brand advocating the global children's fashion lifestyle. We grow up with the children, guarding the children every smile, support their children every childhood dream. Adhere to the child's needs as a starting point, let the children grow up every day with our company and guardianship. Let all children wear our clothes, can feel "fit", "thoughtful", happy to spend the childhood fun time. We want children to feel "warm", "caring" when wearing Balabala clothing, and leave a beautiful memory of their childhood after their children have grown up. In February 2012, Ms. Lee's daughter was 16 years old and could not wear her children's clothes anymore. However, every time she passes the Balabala shop, her daughter will still say "Mom, see, Balabala" to her mother. Ms. Lee continued the custom of visiting Balabala, but visiting a group of colleagues who were promoted to mother, watching a new generation of urban young moms dress up a new generation of children and discussing what is hot during the season with young mums.

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