Italy Waa underwear natural elasticity is comfortable

Italy Waa underwear gathered in Europe's most fashionable design concept, to suit the domestic high-end consumer spending as the main target. The use of lace embroidery as the main decoration, the pursuit of fashion and comfort, the use of lace fabric to create sexy and elegant underwear quality, composed of a unique style.


Italian Wana - Bader Bali apparel underwear brand , the company underwear design, production, retail sales as one of the products involved bras, underwear, casual wear before going to bed, thermal underwear and so on. Retail outlets across many provinces and cities and regions.


To fashion capital - Shanghai, as the product research and development and marketing center of the Italian brand Wanna, has a dedicated Wang design team, high-quality manufacturing standards, underwear fashion and luxury, natural and flexible sense of comfort is Italy Waa The pursuit of manufacturing products, sexy and not vulgar, beautiful and elegant, noble and inexpensive is the positioning of Nana products, Italian Vana with its unique product features, and constantly win the favor of consumers, more and more Cater to the pursuit of ladies of the times.

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Metallic Hookahs

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