What is the water of jade?


What is the water of jade? I don't know how much friends know about this. The following small series introduces the jadeite to friends. Let us learn together!

The species and water of jade are two concepts. The species of jade is the mineral composition, transparency and structural texture of jadeite. The water (head) is a slightly smaller concept, which is only used to describe the transparency of jade. Water is just a combination of the species and the water head.

There are many ways to classify jadeite. The earlier method is to divide jadeite into old species, new species, and new and old species from the later stage of jade formation.

The old species refers to the old jade stone that has been used for a long time and has undergone a long period of geological movement. The old jade stone has experienced a relatively long time of geological action, its structure is tight, transparency is high, and the texture is uniform. It is the jade of superior quality.

Compared with the old species, the new species of jade has only experienced geological effects of short or weak, its development is not complete, the particles are large, the transparency is low, the structure is rough, and the quality is relatively poor.

New and old species, as the name suggests, its jade time is between the old species and the new species, longer than the new species, and second to the old species, its quality is also between the old species and the new species. Among the three, the old species are the most precious, the new and the old are the second, and the new species is the worst.

Then, in order to further refine the quality of jadeite and facilitate the distinction between people, the jadeite is divided into glass, ice, sputum, hibiscus, bean, gold, etc. according to the texture, transparency and color of jade. Wait.

"Water head" is a common name for the transparency of jadeite in the industry. The low transparency is called the short head of the water head. On the contrary, the high transparency is called the water to the long water. People often use a condenser to observe the transparency of jade. If light penetrates into the jade, it will be "a water". The deeper the light penetrates, the better the water head and the better the quality of the jade.

It is not difficult to see from the above that the relationship between species and water head is a big concept, which determines the quality of the water head and the decisive role of the species. I hope that the introduction of the above small series can help friends to further understand and understand jade.

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