The annual top party shoes make it easy for you to focus

This site December 19th, the end of the year is to start thinking about preparing for the major party equipment, as the most important single product at the party - shoes, cool, bright show, eye-catching these qualities must be possessed. Xiaobian teaches you to choose shoes, so that you can easily become a party focus.

The gorgeous dazzling brilliance of this pair of Bloak's boots was almost stingy and people couldn't approach but couldn't help but savor and look. Kawakura's consistently avant-garde and daring style is reflected in this pair of shoes: black and white leather stitching check pattern design, and then inlaid with gold leather on the upper and toe, vintage ornate Bullock carved with the upper The pattern adds more highlights. This pair of top-of-the-range Bullock shoes will surely make you one of the Party's highlights!

This pair of black-nickel iridescent patent leather Derby shoes is full of futuristic color leather. Together with the increased impact and uniqueness of the serrated black rubber sole, this pair of derby shoes must be right as the eye-catching boots for the event.

If you do not want to be too explicit, this pair of black leather riveted striped jazz shoes is a good choice. The silver round rivets are trimmed or textured, and the tassels of the tongue are also detailed with rivets at each tassel. This pair of gorgeous leather rivet shoes that will not be too bold will definitely make you at the party to accept the attention of the crowd leisurely.

This pair of Derby boots just to the length of the ankle, the black suede and blue leather spliced ​​V-shaped pattern of fashion dazzling. The splicing of the black pony hair balances the dramaticness of the blue and black stripes. Nicholas Kirkwood's shoes capture the essence of theatricality and comfort, and these extraordinary Derby boots will make you a bright spot in the crowd. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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