Polka Dot Fashion Fall and winter beauty skirt

Polka Dot Polka Dot, do not like to singulate, not satisfied with the rules, to promote popular, popular taste, in other words is skimmed a lot of arrogance, with a low-key affinity to face us These ordinary people. LOHAS wave point like to use a simple pen to describe the rich autumn expression.


(Source: flowers opened in 2013 autumn and winter new products)

Pink blue skirt to join the white wave point, can be described as one of the most popular waves in recent years. Two incomparable little fresh colors together, naturally able to show the beauty of the sweetest side. Princess dress version, coupled with layers of layered sense, is not to make you very excited!

延续波点时尚 秋冬季节的美裙

(Source: flowers opened in 2013 autumn and winter new products)

Unique unique pink wave point with black, highlight the exquisite waist and lady temperament. Hem stitched hem lotus leaf as if a flower in full bloom beautiful, but also like a ballet skirt set off a pair of slender sexy legs. Sleeves of velvet stitching make gestures ten thousand kinds of customs.

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Rash Guard Swimsuit

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