How autumn and winter men with red coat to make winter become warm

For clothing, the first thing that catches the eye must be its color, not the same color will reflect different styles, to bring you different feelings. Men's fashion circles in 2013, let us say to those dull autumn and winter colors, and replaced by the highly saturated bright colors, they are the main colors of autumn and winter clothing this year, burgundy, Sapphire, etc. are rapidly warming. (Source: KIR men's new autumn and winter) You can say that it is very warm red, it can be said that it is very cool, which depends on how you choose to go to a single product. Long section of the self-cultivation wool coat become the first choice of men in this season, double breasted British style more popular, with a suitable scarf is enough! (Source: KIR men's autumn and winter new product) Whenever we can actually take the monochrome line, do not worry about their own can not control the monochrome. You do not have this confidence just because you are not used to wearing like that. In the wine jacket under a single coat, you can choose some gray primer as a match. Choose a gray knit sweater, and flower gray casual trousers as a match.

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