Fashion dressing rules of warm and cold colors have their own characteristics

Sunny fans Gui Li brand women as romantic as the name of warm. Whether it is light-colored or dark-colored clothes can effectively enhance the season style, giving the visual enjoyment. Choose the classic sunny Gui Li to fill your wardrobe.


No matter what the body's girls like to wear sweaters. Fashionista is like a collection of all kinds of sweaters. Good knit is not only a delicate clothes, but also a perfect artwork. How to put the artwork out of temperament? This gray pullover and wool cardigan together, it is harmonious. The following with a minimalist black black pleated skirt. Although very good low-key is to keep up with the pace of fashion.

时尚穿衣打扮法则  冷暖色系各具特色

Rose is very red clothes, micro-neckline design is very elegant. The skirt below is very distinctive, the whole covered with the wave pattern. Two together lively and playful, lit the entire autumn and winter.

Picture credit: Gui Li Gui Qing women

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