"Water Margin" Yun Yunxiu blooms 2019 Wuhan Fashion Week

On November 6th, the silk brand Forinshow landed at 2019 Wuhan Fashion Week, and the Forinshow brand launched a new spring and summer 2020 show with the theme of “Water Margin”, which brought a silk culture feast to Jiangcheng. It also unveiled the prelude to the brand upgrade of Forinshow.

The Forinshow brand focuses on silk apparel and pursues diversified design. Forinshow is proud to enter the 2020 apparel market with the “Water Margin” series. This release show through the "Water Margin" series, the woman's performance as water. Bold lines, avant-garde layout design, and a variety of color combinations make the "Water Margin" more cater to the desire of women to rejuvenate. Taking the traditional charm of silk as the foundation, the “formal sense” and the “new wonder” collide as the creative concept, blending the novel culture and the high-grade taste, embodying the unique design style, pursuing exquisiteness, paying attention to details and creating the charm of women like water. For all women who love silk dress, let all women who love beauty like water.

Forinshow is a classic from the silk capital of Hangzhou, focusing on the silk apparel brand. Jin Yunxiu has been pursuing the emphasis on diversified design, bringing together the classical elegance of the East and the fashion of the West, and infiltrating the human culture with the concept of “not understanding silk culture, not doing silk brand”, after more than 20 years. The development has become the leader of the silk brand.

Forinshow is the benchmark for the Hangzhou silk brand, focusing on product development, innovative product serialization, branding, flexible cooperation, ultimate silk products, ordering and wholesale. Cooperate with Wutong, the global original apparel supply chain platform, to explore new channels, integrate online and offline, and take the road of brand development.

Zhang Yunhuang, the brand manager of Forinshow, was interviewed by the media such as Wuhan TV Station.

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