A good taste of Ai Geer catches Chen Xiao’s artistic arrogance, and is simply awesome!

In a recent street shooting by Chen Xiao and the Swiss watch brand Ageolcer, Chen Xiao has a beard, and his slightly rolled hair is scattered in front of his forehead, wearing a loose yellow sweater, wrist The Aigle Lucerne watch is dotted with the left hand wrist, and it has a lazy artistic temperament.

This time, Chen Xiao’s wrist is wearing the Ai Sen’s Lucerne series. The rather unique name of “Linson” is actually a beautiful and relaxing city in Switzerland, and this Lucerne watch design is like the city and the minimalist style design gives a pleasant and tranquil feeling. On the white plate, the black Arabic numerals, the quenched blue hands, and the strokes outline the elegant atmosphere of the city of Lucerne.

The Aigele Lusen series has a large back design, and the Agole self-developing movement is clearly visible under the bottom cover. The watch can be seen by flipping the watch and you can enjoy the heartbeat of this mechanical life. The movement of the soul.

This watch is made from a soft French calf leather carefully selected by Ageolcer. The 316L steel case connected to it is only after 32 hours of hard work. , are all caused by ingenuity. The circular case with a diameter of 40mm and the face design of the small three-needle and large-opened window calendar further bring out the simple charm of the Egolson series.

Aigle from Switzerland insists on the pursuit of time aesthetics, adhering to the spirit of unbounded exploration, and devoted himself to the development of watchmaking. In Chen Xiao, I also saw similar potential. Fans know that Chen Xiao is an extremely self-disciplined person. He is strict with himself and requires himself to do better at work or in life. Outside the play, he actively participates in public welfare activities. When acting, he integrates into each role and tries various new ways of play. It is this spirit that makes Aigle and Chen Xiaoru magnetize each other.

From the simple series of the Lucerne series to the big bang series that bounces off the punk, to the Bosch series that reflects the value of craftsmanship, this one works witnessed the growth of Ageolcer. Ai Geer constantly explores the design style and the watchmaking skills. The amorphous design concept needs continuous exploration to support, so that the designs born under various whimsy can be realized through the watchmaking process.

It is this belief deeply rooted in the brand's genes that leads Ageolcer to constantly try new mechanical art designs, enjoy the challenges of each exploration, and bring more surprises to every customer. Surprise.

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