True and false identification method of 84 disinfectant for silk quilt

In view of the many silk quilts that are currently bought on the market, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. We will teach you the simplest method of silk testing: at home, there may be 84 disinfectant tests for silk and silk. Use 84 disinfectant for dissolution test. If it is true silk, put it into 84 disinfectant. After three or five minutes, the silk will gradually dissolve and disappear by the disinfectant, but the cotton or chemical fiber will not be able to be treated with 84 disinfectant.

Because 84 disinfectant actually contains hypochlorous acid, and natural silk is melted in acid, it can melt all the silk; if it is chemical fiber, it can not be melted, you can judge the content by such a method. So remind everyone, if the silk is true, you can not use 84 to wash.

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