Jilin Chemical Fiber: Tianzhu Fiber sets off the "green revolution" in the textile industry

According to the "Textile Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan", Jilin Chemical Fiber Group fully promotes the adjustment of industrial structure and transformation and upgrading of enterprises, accelerates the pace of research and development of new products, and has successively developed bamboo pulp, bamboo fiber, hemp pulp, hemp fiber, flame retardant fiber, colored Fiber, negative ion fiber, carbon fiber raw silk, as well as a variety of new acrylic products such as anti-pilling, stock dyeing, flame retardant, etc., have filled a number of domestic gaps. In particular, the Tianzhu fiber, which has been innovated in the market's commanding heights, has promoted the structural transformation of the raw materials of the regenerated cellulose fiber industry with its green environmental protection and excellent performance, and has made positive contributions to alleviating the shortage of wood and cotton resources.  

Since 1999, Jilin Chemical Fiber has sprouted the idea of ​​applying bamboo as pulp to viscose fiber. After two years of research and experimentation, in 2001, bamboo fiber was successfully produced using bamboo pulp as raw material. In 2002, it obtained two national invention patents: “Using bamboo to produce viscose fiber pulp process” and “Bamboo viscose fiber and its preparation method”. Subsequently, three subsidiaries were established in Yucheng, Hebei, Yibin, Sichuan, and Yiyang, Hunan, specializing in the production of bamboo pulp and bamboo fiber. In 2010, Jilin Chemical Fiber was awarded the only “Healthy Functional Textile Raw Material Base” by China Health Care Association and China Knitting Industry Association. The output of Tianzhu fiber has reached 35,000 tons, making it the largest bamboo fiber production base in the country.  

Tianzhu fiber is a new type of cellulose fiber made from the bamboo and bamboo of the south, which is widely used in the south. It is processed by special high-tech patent technology to extract the cellulose from the bamboo and then made by the process of making rubber and spinning. . The mature and scientific process not only retains the natural antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorizing and anti-ultraviolet functions of bamboo fiber, but also has good moisture absorption, breathability and other characteristics. It has excellent spinnability and pure dyeing. It can not only be purely spun, but also It is blended with other raw materials such as cotton, hemp, glutinous rice, tencel, modal, polyester, etc. It has good drape and good skin-friendly properties. It is known as the “fifth element” of textile industry after cotton, hemp, silk and wool. "Healthy fiber in the 21st century", "green fiber", "breathing fiber", etc. Tianzhu fiber products are being accepted by more and more consumers because of their soft handfeel, excellent moisture absorption and desorption performance, bright dyeing and easy biodegradability. Widely used in towels, hosiery, underwear, bedding and other fields, but also in suits, women's wear, shirts, denim, casual sportswear and other products. Jilin Chemical Fiber has cooperated with well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike, Qipi Wolf, Tongniu, Huafang, Sangun, Die Anfen and Jie Liya to develop terminal products. Tianzhu Fiber Products has become the first domestic fabric exhibition in the world. - Products of the French PV show. The products are sold well in China and exported to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, the United States and other countries and regions, and have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers.  

With the increasing shortage of wood and cotton resources, regenerated cellulose fibers are also facing the problem of tight raw materials. However, China's bamboo resources are abundant, and it does not compete with grain. Once it is planted, it can be harvested several times without excessive investment. It can effectively drive farmers in remote mountainous areas to get rich and promote farmers' income.  

In order to accelerate the downstream development and market promotion of Tianzhu fiber, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Company has established an innovative commercial operation mode. In 2005, it established a whole consisting of bamboo production base, yarn factory, weaving factory, garment factory, finished product operator and fiber quality testing organization. Industry Alliance - Tianzhu Industry Alliance. At present, the number of alliance member companies has grown to 97, controlling 80% of the domestic bamboo fiber market share. In order to speed up the promotion of Tianzhu fiber products, Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has also established Shenzhen Tianzhu Ecological Clothing Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, which integrates R&D, design, production and marketing of Tianzhu fiber products, and has opened more than 50 Tianzhu products directly operated stores nationwide. There are more than 1,000 chain stores of Tianzhu brand end products.  

At the end of this year, the company's annual production of 95,000 tons of bamboo pulp project in Jiang'an, Sichuan will be completed and put into production. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, it plans to form 300,000 tons of bamboo pulp and 200,000 tons of bamboo fiber production capacity, and build the world's largest and most advanced bamboo pulp and bamboo fiber production base.

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