German apparel practitioners watch the trend of sales

The German Fashion Association recently released a survey of 330 member companies. The report shows that in 2011 German fashion turnover was 12 billion euros, 70% of German fashion company sales rose, and the proportion of companies caught in stagnation and decline was 18% and 12% respectively. The report pointed out that despite the continued spread of the European debt crisis, it is expected that the development of the German apparel industry in 2012 will be relatively optimistic and sales will continue to grow slightly in the whole year.

The report pointed out that in times of economic difficulties, the situation of high-quality and luxury apparel sales is more optimistic. Hugo Boss, Germany's largest haute couture company, said that the company has escaped the adverse effects of the economic downturn in Europe. In the second quarter of 2012, profits have increased significantly, and core markets such as Germany and the UK have continued to maintain strong growth. German apparel manufacturer erry Weber also said that only the Greek market has seen a significant decline in sales in the Greek market, while turnover in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, Australia and the United States has increased by more than 10%.

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