Those who are familiar with jewelry nationality

Those who are familiar with jewelry nationality Say that jewelry has nationality, some people want to laugh. The jewels are divided into regions of origin: Sri Lankan rubies, Brazilian multicolored treasures, and South African diamonds. The major jewellery brands are to make a fine piece of jewellery that must be returned from these places. Where does the nationality of a piece of jewelry begin?

In fact, the same raw materials, after processing by different jewelry designers, often have different features.

As jewelry designer Omma torres said, different background designers can give jewelry new life in jewelry design.

Romance France France is really the world's favorite country to dress up, and their romantic enthusiasm is simply hopeless. Paris is regarded as the most beautiful city throughout Europe and there are countless fashionable men and women.

Some people say that Paris is so beautiful and its temperament is so charming because it is more like a feminine city. But in history, Paris, but here has experienced three big cities, every few days ** buzz will sound in the sky over Paris. Men's romantic ideas are no less than women.

Many jewellery brands do activities, they are very worried about what kind of star to be a guest, those familiar faces on the carpet can not appear in the jewelry event, the jewelery is too feminine, too independent style, celebrity election wrong, even jewelry The temperament must be discounted. It's rare for French brands to start worrying about this. Commercial brands that have been extremely successful, such as Cartier, have no need to rely on stars to support them. But there are more traditional artisanal brands, CHAUMET or Boucheron, even if they hold road shows in China, they have to ask Sufi for miles. - Marceau or Audrey Tutu. In their eyes, only French women can best interpret these jewels. Many times, the French woman can not have the taste of the middle class, the French can confidently say that he is the most literate and the most beautiful one.

Aristocratic range of children, is the pursuit of the vast majority of French jewelry brands. In order to satisfy the noble tastes of nobles, jewelers put all the elements that can be used on jewelry. Plants, animals, astronomy, and characters can all be engraved on necklaces, bracelets, and watches. If you think that this is to deal with the business strategy of today's material society, they will tell you in proud French, “We have been doing this since the days of Napoleon. How many of our fine jewellery studios in Peace Street in Paris? For centuries, you are interested and you are welcome to make an appointment to visit."

So, when you see Cartier now in his fine watch with diamonds inlaid crocodile, or Boucheron with a serpentine pattern as the basic element, or with the theme of “travel around the world” Van Cleave Treasure, you don't have to be surprised at all. For French women, jewelry is like life and it is the beginning of many romantic stories. In Marshall Proust's "Reminiscent of Love", he wrote about how to use jewelry to seduce the girl's favor. "If she does well today, I will give her a gift. This gift is what she sees The price of a necklace was a little expensive for me, and it cost 30,000 francs, but her life was not much to be desired. She told me that one person might give this necklace to her in order to prevent it. First, I still reached an agreement with the family jeweler to keep them for me until now."

Is there really a more rigorous nation than Germany in the world of Germany? The answer is no. Shanghai girls often like to find foreigners to be boyfriends, but German boyfriends are often not considered, because it is too true.

Frankly speaking, Germany is not good at making jewelry. After all, jewelry is for women. Look at the famous German-made cars in the world, cars, kitchen utensils, pens, machine tools, and watches, which are not precise instruments for men. The Germans' reality is that even the gold on the buckle must be used more than the Swiss.

The brand-name fourth-generation family manager of the German brand Wallow family, Criss-Walofer, opened his first boutique in Beijing last month. He admits that Germany is different from romantic French and Italian in manufacturing jewelry. For him, each country’s jewelry is silently conveying its own way of life. The French are romantic in jewelry and the Germans engrave rules, quality and friendship on jewelry.

In general, luxury brands rarely emphasize the usefulness of their products because this does not need to be emphasized. But for Germans, this often becomes the first element in the beginning of jewelry design. Even jewellery manufacturers such as Wallover who use gold as their main material are chasing better feelings. As for why gold is chosen, the German concept is quite similar to the Chinese—“because jewelry is something that is passed on to the next generation, and gold is the oldest material that can be preserved.”

They are not so eager to create or lead the trend. Like other Germans, Germans who make jewelry believe that if a brand has the best materials, the best technology, the best people, it can Make the best jewelry in the world. With the best jewellery, the best buyers in the world will come here.

The Japanese primary colors of Japanese are regarded as rising stars in fashion, but they have a unique position in the fashion industry as a whole. Kawabukuro, and Miyake Ikegami in the high fashion industry are also very popular in Europe and America. Japanese jewellery does not enjoy such a respected position as fashion. However, Japanese jewellery also has a strong native character.

Several Japanese jewellery brands that vigorously promoted in China are strongly recommending their pearl products. It was also the Japanese who saved the pearls. The pearls have been called tears of the sea for many years. Nearly two centuries ago in the Gulf of Mexico, people often dive into the sea without any diving equipment. Later, due to the development of the petroleum industry, there was a large number of deaths of the mother of pearl in this area, and the output of natural pearls drastically decreased.

The Japanese’s salvation of pearls is that it successfully invented the method of artificially growing pearls. Japanese high jewelry brand Mr. Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto Mikimoto created a history of pearl jewellery in modern times in 1893. The Japanese discovered that pearls that gestated pearls continuously secreted loops in the presence of sand and parasites and artificially placed round nucleuses. Or the beads are stuffed into the mother's shellfish, which promotes the secretion of a ring to form a pearl layer, successfully inventing the world's first cultured pearl.

Most of the pearls on the market today are cultured pearls, and natural pearls are mostly sold as antiques. The price is very high. Fortunately, if you just wear it, the appearance and natural pearls are no different. Unless it can be distinguished under X-rays, the cultured pearls are more affordable than the expensive natural pearls, and are more in line with the environmental protection and nature that the Japanese have always praised.

MIKIMOTO has a history of more than 100 years in Japan. In order to better adapt to today's trends, they have used pearls to match diamonds and precious stones. Under the unique Japanese design style, MIKIMOTO has created a gentle and simple Japanese jewelry.

Jade most Chinese Since ancient times, the Chinese people understand more than three kinds of jewelry: gold jewelry, silver jewelry, jade jewelry. If you say that the first two are still suspects of preserving the value, the jade is definitely the jewelry that Chinese people appreciate and like from inside.

Or where come so many use jade to express the praise of the righteousness, praise the girl pure use "ice and jade clean", the formation of a gentleman should also "a gentleman for no reason, Jade does not go body, gentleman and jade than Dete." Even the "Dream of Red Mansions" contains thousands of pets, Jia Baoyu, Cao Xueqin also let him be born with jade.

Chinese people like jade is not simply like jade. It seems that only we have poured too much human emotion on a stone. Jade's warm color represents benevolence and tough texture symbolizing wisdom. It does not hurt people's corners to show fairness and justice, and the crisp and clear musical sound that is emitted when striking is the response of virtue.

Jadeite is jadeite and was used as an accessory for a long time ago. It is famous for green. From ancient times to the present, returning to the mountains and trees is the ultimate goal of a scholar-bureaucrat. Westerners use jewelry to match the status of nobleness. We don't like these functions. We just use jade to show our morality. However, nowadays, more and more brands are made of jade jewelry. After being lost in the western jewelry brand for a short time, Oriental women found that their gracefulness and subtlety are more suitable for setting off with green jade. Instead of following the trend, it is better to create unique trends. Today's success in sales of Zhaoyi Jade House confirms this, and as early as many years ago, 96-year-old Ms. Song Meiling attended the 50th anniversary of the Second World War Reception in the US Congress, he used Chinese jade to conquer the world — - Wear a pair of green jade bracelets on your hands, an emerald saddle ring, an emerald pin on your chest, and an emerald earring on your ear, as always, quiet and noble.

Say that jade is spiritual. When actress Li Bingbing wore the Golden Horse Awards red carpet with Taiwan jewelry brand rich royal RICH JADE, she hoped that this large piece of green could bring her good luck. It turned out that the dream came true.

Hu Yurong, the artistic director of Rich RICH JADE, is an artist who has his own mine in Myanmar. He is often astounded by the precious material he abandoned when he was sculpted. He was once at a boutique at the Venetian Macao Hotel. Arab guests are amazed at the craft carving on his jade. Compared with merchants who treat jade as a business, Hu's Buddhist beliefs always allow his work to be more detached, or to say, full of reiki.

What is Non-Slip Gloves?
Non-slip Gloves are named after the gloves have non-slip function, there are a variety of such gloves depending on the material used.

Non-slip gloves type:
â‘  wrinkles gloves (wrinkled latex gloves)
Dispense gloves (latex and cotton yarn gloves and cloth gloves)
â‘¢ point plastic gloves (plastic and latex, and cotton yarn gloves and cloth gloves)

According to a variety of gloves materials and production technology, mainly to adapt to the production of wrinkle gloves and plastic gloves, welding repair, road construction, mining, construction, coal fields, agriculture and forestry families, such as operating hand care. Disposable gloves On the purpose of the use of gloves, can be used as Baseball Gloves, billiards gloves, flag gloves.

How to choose non-slip gloves?
1, texture is the primary thinking direction, first according to their own homework environment, conditions to choose the right texture;
2, and then is to choose according to the function, if it is just non-slip, the general material to meet the demand, if you also need to hand protection, then the material may need to be more solid;
3, in the selection process must be worn to determine the size of its comfort;
4, in order to ensure the quality of non-slip gloves, please purchase through the formal channels.

Non-slip Gloves

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