Days-hyun brand women's fashion new dress

Korean cool genre will be a strong combination of South Korean art and modern science and technology to designers insight into the fashion culture, accurate grasp of urban men and women psychology, developed a fusion of Korean fashion and Italian fashion as one of the brand style, the Eastern Civilization of China Fashion to the new interpretation of the road. Whether it is color, fabric, style, are all a reflection of inspiration and creativity. In 2008, the headquarters of South Korea's Koreans will take the largest preferential policies and invest a great deal of capital and manpower in the headquarters nationwide. Professional outstanding brand design groups, high-quality marketing team dedicated to dealers to provide efficient and quality services to ensure that joining one, to support a successful one, to create a full-fledged Korean cool brand marketing network in China.

天炫品牌女装 都市时尚新正装

[ Days-hyun] is committed to the "urban fashion new suits" brand cutting-edge, the brand positioning in the pursuit of fashion self-confident, self-motivated urban trendy women, fashion theme for the cultural origins of the natural, simple, comfortable, Generous design for the main line, interspersed with different costumes and accessories will be modern young women's love of life, longing for love, the pursuit of career interpretation of the head.
"Hyun Hyun" is creative in color matching and adheres to the design concept of rational, simple, comfortable and fashionable design and concise interpretation of gorgeous, the pursuit of the perfect combination of comfort and fashion to explore the new clothing features, decoration and the beauty of the form; Days Hyun "full respect for the wearer's personality, allows you to live in the bustle of the city of your comfortable self-expression, exquisite materials and tailoring process, the natural casual wear culture, allowing you to lead the new trend of urban life.
"Tian-hyun brand Han Chao Women " franchise Japan and South Korea popular women's clothing, including the trend of women's wear, accessories and bags, with outstanding team of designers at home and abroad, advanced production equipment and professional marketing team. "Tian-hyun brand Han Chao Women" has been hailed as "clothing collection" is the most popular nowadays, the most popular fashion brand women.

Talent brand Han Chao Women "advocate new luxury, show" elegant, personality, art "from the body to the heart of the harmonious beauty, with its unique, noble, romantic, trendy, practical design with style, designed to new fashion personality A family to create beautiful, confident youth image, and show the modern urban women's passion, charming, intellectual, fashion quality of life.

2011 Korean version of the day-hyun women's hot investment ...


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