Baby Carrier Baby Clothing: Baby's choice is the skin's choice

Baby clothes are rather special, purchase decision-makers and users are not the same person, and there is a huge gap between age, psychology and aesthetics. Most people are very sensual, and by virtue of their experience of dipping the community to make judgments and choices of things, with a strong contingency and blindness. It is very regrettable that the choice of baby clothing, chance and blindness or may have consequences. When adults choose clothing, usually the first style, followed by quality, and then may be the fabric and other related information. There is no standard or basis for consideration of the "health index." Therefore, the face of adult consumer groups, apparel marketing is often equal to eyeball economy. The Chinese people pay attention to the basic necessities of life and to the fact that this is due to the economic system that has been repeatedly reinvigorated for thousands of years and never been inherited and developed. After the founding of new China, the reform and opening up was just as short as 30 years. Faced with all aspects that the affluent life will face, people are even struggling. There is no concept of consumption that can be referred to and inherited. In the face of the dazzling commodity impact, people can only shout "Buy expensive, not buy right!" This concept of spending is sad, but also the emptiness of the poor world. However, they have to admit that in the face of noisy and complicated barking, consumers who have not gone through "experience and training" really find it hard to categorize and separate the information exploded. The face of their own consumer choice so, let alone for baby clothing! Baby has just come to this world, can not speak, can not express, but also no ability to choose and judge, adults usually but by preference, unintentional study. Therefore, we often can see when customers buy baby clothing performance, probably still dwell on the style, color, color, with brand name, whether imported brands, quality, workmanship, etc., and the basic nature of the fabric has never been involved, Safety investigation and so on. Of course, there is nothing wrong with pursuing these aspects of consumers, and these should indeed be an important consideration in consumer choice. But unfortunately, these indicators are often just a gimmick for businesses to easily remit the money to consumers, not the rational choice of baby clothing. We can not ignore the most important part of the selection of baby clothing - baby. Or may someone say that it is possible for a baby without any cognitive experience and judgment to make his own choice? That's right, not only can babies choose, but their choices are straightforward and obvious! Baby clothes is the most important role in the package wrapped baby's body, and the baby's body is the biggest characteristic of what? Tender? Yes, it is tender! Young skin, thin protective layer (cuticle), the development of incomplete organs and functions and so on. If, for example, a baby is wearing a cotton garment or a wicker garment directly, many people may not understand and are not convinced.è“‘ clothes spiked hard, how comparable with clothing? As everyone knows, in the apparel security can not completely ensure the market conditions, many baby clothing irritating and harmful, far more than the "clothing" ... ... Although the clothes are spicy hardwood, but in fact no other hazards. Do not you see the side of the various chemical substances, heavy metals ... ... seemingly colorless and tasteless, but in fact "kill invisible!" Terrifyingly, these colorless and odorless things may be hidden in the middle of our baby costumes!è“‘ clothes non-toxic but why no one is willing to give direct baby wear, it is naturally because it is too rough, stimulating. Does this mean that the baby's delicate skin needs? ! Yes, the skin is scared to stimulate the young, the demand is gentle. However, consumers often superficial understanding of the stimulus into the actual material and ignore the more horrible, much more harmful "chemical stimulus!" Caribe Bears brand was born under the "better technology, better fabrics, better baby" under the three principles. "Better fabric" of course not entirely refers to the material quality, thickness and tightness of the obvious quality indicators, and the core focus is that "better fabric" is based on the characteristics of infant baby baby skin to develop and pass A reasonable formula for a variety of raw materials reached, regardless of breathability, sweat absorption, comfort or whether there are indicators of rejection, etc., are extremely excellent. "Better Process" refers to the original "physical softening" process of Cala Beige, that is, the softening and finishing of the entire fabric. It does not add any chemical softener to ensure the clothing is free of harmful substances. Tender skin without irritation, damage and potential threat. "Better Baby" certainly refers to the philosophy that Carrabbeh pursues - "better for the baby," so whatever the tailoring, workmanship, accessories (YKK), and related infant qualities we pursue Better! As a 21st century parent, you can live a sensuous life because you are responsible for what you do, but you have to be a rational parent because you need to be responsible for the baby's future. When faced with the choice of baby clothing again, you should not be lost and blind. Because the baby's young body, shallow skin, has clearly given their needs and choices - feel soft and comfortable, mild and safe nature of the Carabe. Soft and comfortable, gentle baby Carabi baby clothes, baby's choice!

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