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When the autumn is getting closer and closer to us, Zhuowei Le new children's clothing already on the market, more and more children are feeling Zhuowei Le brought warmth and happiness. Zhuowei Le children's wear, growing, continuous improvement, after years of accumulation and precipitation, Zhuowei Lele children's clothing in most parts of the country has established a sales network, the future, Zhuowei Lele children's clothing will speed up the pace in doing good products and services At the same time, more attention is paid to the life and future of children. Zhuo Wele children's wear will create a brand that belongs to the mass consumer groups and walk into the world of every children. Guangzhou Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Zhuowei International Group Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the design, production and marketing of children's clothes and accessories. To focus on providing customers with high quality, healthy, comfortable and stylish children's clothing for the purpose. Sogni Kids is the company's flagship children's wear brand targeting Hong Kong and the Mainland. Companies with international trends and domestic demand, design studio with the European design and development of products, has extensive experience in the brand management team, in order to use good quality, design style, high quality service experience, to win consumer acceptance for cooperation Partners provide better career opportunities while achieving market-leading status. Company Vision: Focus on the needs of consumers, focus on providing customers with quality products, gain consumer recognition, provide better business opportunities for cooperation customers, and achieve market leading position. At the same time, we advocate children's health as the center , Advocating low-cost, environmental protection for the purpose of creating a new generation of children comfortable, healthy, beautiful dress. Zhuowei Le children's clothing, is now hot throughout the country, looking forward to joining you

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