Mamma Star Mammy's Star - not just take your child into the warm cradle!

The warmest of childhood is the arms of mother, then the mother cradles us to fall asleep. Mummy Star Kids will lead everyone into the cradle, into the warmth. Mommy Star children's clothing will be relentlessly strive to let children wear our clothes like lying in my mother's arms, you can safely dream. May wish to lie in my mother's storyteller cradle singing a winter! "Mammy's Star" from the United States, Europe and the United States market has more than 10 years of famous children's clothing brand. The main design service object is height 100cm-160cm of middle-aged children. Every style of clothing is strongly sought after "fashion, environmental protection, health, happiness, childlike" brand culture. Products are all high-quality cotton knit, woven fabric, fine cut, fine workmanship, flexible use of life æ²· bright colors and popular color combination, both close to children naive side, but also has a sense of fashion, very modern leisure school Style, fully reflects the "Mammy's Star" appeal and affinity.

Jumbo Big Bag

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