Longyear precious metals go hot

With the imminent arrival of the Lunar New Year, precious metals with the theme of “Dragon” have begun to gain momentum. Recently, the reporter visited financial management personnel such as Dongguan Construction Bank, Dongguan ICBC, and Dongguan Bank, and learned that in 2012, the precious metals of the year of the Dragon have gradually reached the outlets in Dongguan. According to industry sources, Dongguan investors prefer physical gold investment, especially the unique preference for physical gold for the Chinese zodiac signs. In terms of collection, it is recommended to choose large and profound gold products for collection.

The golden years of the Dragon’s year in nature have reached Wan’s approaching Spring Festival. This coincides with the Year of the Dragon in the Happy Chinese zodiac. During this period of time, various types of investment products for the theme of the Dragon Year have also taken the opportunity to warm up and gradually heat up. When reporters visited various banks in Dongguan this week, they learned that physical gold and real silver investment collections featuring the zodiac dragon have gradually reached the outlets in Dongguan.

“At present, there are at least 10 Longyear precious metals products to Dongguan.” Financial management professionals from Bank of Communications Dongguan Branch told reporters that in recent days, many Dongguan investors came to consult. CCB Dongguan Branch also said that “CCB Gold” 2012 new physical gold variety of new products has been on the market. "The appearance of a series of New Year's gifts are all made of 99.99 pure gold, which mainly incorporates very Chinese elements such as dragon elements and auspicious wishes."

In addition, the reporter was also informed that the 2012 Panda gold and silver coins, which have always been sought after by investors, may come to Dongguan before and after the Spring Festival this year. However, relevant bank insiders also frankly stated that since the Spring Festival this year is close to the New Year's Day, and conservative estimates, the Panda Gold and Silver coins will be reversed this year, and the possibility of listing after the Spring Festival is even greater.

Chinese zodiac signs are the hottest items on the occasion of each year. The banks will rush to push precious metal products such as physical gold and physical silver bars. In terms of investment, the aforementioned Bank of Communications professionals have suggested that with a one-year investment period, each bank will launch physical gold and physical silver investment products of different themes in different periods and stages.

The source also revealed that due to the approaching Spring Festival, the first quarter of the year was mainly to promote the production of physical gold with the theme of Xiao Longnian. From the trend of Dongguan's investment in collecting physical gold in recent years, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Dongguan will pursue physical gold in succession, especially for the physical gold of each Chinese zodiac animal, which is a soft spot.

The aforementioned wealth management manager of CCB Dongguan Branch also told reporters, “On the one hand, the Chinese people have a deeper “Year” affection for the zodiac; on the other hand, physical gold has the property of a gold safe currency, which can better withstand currency. Inflated, at the same time, it has the role of value preservation and value-added.” The aforementioned bank professionals also believe that, in addition to the various physical gold products launched by various banks in recent years, it has a more attractive collection theme value, so that the investment wind from physical gold from last year From the second half of the year to the beginning of this year, Dongguan’s enthusiasm for investing in precious metals collection is also high. The reporter also learned that the small grams of gold products, silver bars, and silver coins are also favored by the public after New Year's Day. According to the sources mentioned above, due to the moderate prices and good morals, the overwhelming majority of citizens prefer to purchase such products such as gold and silver bars as the gift of choice before the Spring Festival. "Of course, each year banks will also come up with new precious metal products at low-end prices to meet the needs of this part of the market."

Personal collection suitable for "big"

How should you choose your personal collection and investment? The above mentioned financial people said that they should first choose larger banks and well-known gold companies to ensure the quality of the selected physical gold. The most important thing is that the purity of gold should be sufficient. Secondly, different lines and markets will be introduced each year. Before making the investment collection, the precious metal products should be clearly distinguished as whether they are pure investment or pure collection. If the investment is pure, it is necessary to consider changing this link, that is, various kinds of gold bars introduced by the banks, and the banks will only recycle their own business. The gold bars sold will not be repurchased if the bars are bought in the gold shop. If it is a pure collection, then there is no consideration of repurchasing this layer, then in the specific selection, Bank of Communications professionals suggest that the collection of large gold products, especially the theme of the atmosphere, has a deeper history of cultural precipitation It is also significant that gold is large and it is important to pass on future generations. In addition, ICBC financial planners suggest that if the investment is made, the public can also choose some small-circulation stamps designed by famous masters or stamped with denominations such as zodiac stamps and panda gold and silver coins.

Finally, in choosing to collect precious metals, we must also pay attention to the theme of the precious metal, design and gold purity screening. Naturally, it is of great significance to collect collections with good themes, exquisite designs, and high purity of gold. Of course, some gold companies are not ruled out, and some precious metal products that meet the market demand are introduced through various concepts. However, such high-tech conceptual products may experience coldness after a certain period of time, but they will not lose money. Because the gold currency itself does not change the property of currency standard currency. It can only be said that such products with the concept of stir-fry can not stand up to a long time of “scouring the sand” and can only be used as a speculative product.

Judging from the current trend of international gold prices, the first quarter of the current period can be started at the current stage. According to the analysts mentioned above, according to the trend of gold, there may be an upward trend for some time in the future, but the volatility is still frequent in a short period of time. Therefore, before starting, investors should refer to the recent international gold chart for re-entering the market.

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