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Dream, youth, fashion, touched ...

Bid farewell to 2011, we welcome 2012, continue on the road, a dream. Facing the Ocean, Spring and Blossom.

Concentric, peer, with the win ...


Zhang Guodong calligraphy works "departure"

New Year's Day speech

When the calendar turns to the last page , in the course of the year 2011 , the curtain of history is falling, and hopeful and energetic 2012 is slowly coming.

A drop of dew, full of friendship on the flower; a greeting, condensed our blessing. As the New Year begins, we quietly place the wishes and wishes of the New Year on the wings of the spring breeze, so that it will blow green ground seeds, and then bloom the fruits of the fruitful and fragrant year round.

Stop and look back, the past year is a year of great significance in the history of the company's development , a year of great bumper harvest and a year of encouraging progress. Looking forward to the goals and blueprint for 2012 , we have a long way to go. Our efforts have yielded some success, but the achievements represent only the past. Looking forward to the future, we need to seize the opportunities, meet the challenges and keep pace with the times. With a more full of enthusiasm and spirit of making progress, we must firmly believe, forge ahead and enterprising. With a broader perspective and more persistent efforts, we will move forward higher and further The goal of healthy pace forward.

A dollar back, everything updated. New Year's New Year wish: May our company take off like a dragon, and wish our cause will be colorful and colorful like our flowers. May our company be strong and firm like a rock. May our staff be as close as our brothers and sisters. May our friends be like Evergreen as evergreen, like our life like honey sweet and successful. Let us all wish for a better 2012.

[Beautiful Review · 2011 Women's Heart ]

Win in the woman's heart

Spring March Women's Heart (Wuhan) investment promotion hot

To force the fashion Give profit 2011

April 22 The heart of woman underwear brand power

The 16th International City Tourism Miss Contest

Perfect interpretation of youth, fashion, health, beauty brand connotation

"2011 , my fashion attitude"

May 26-29 Women's heart 2011 autumn and winter new conference

Cum national investment conference successfully concluded

Witness the legendary brand strength

July 24, Shenzhen woman Fan Bingbing heart signing was held in Beijing

Fan Bingbing endorsement woman heart home fashion show fashion

Eight years of hard work Fruitful

On August 23, the woman's heart celebrates its 8th anniversary

Full of pride and then sail Wind and rain and Cheng Hua chapter

"Woman's heart, my fashion choice"

September 1 Women's heart 2011 autumn and winter portrait of the market

Heart phase Yi Shine departure

November 4 2012 spring and summer women new conference center grand opening

November 6 Fan Bingbing heavy help out a woman's heart Detonated spring and summer new conference site

Women's heart "love hidden heart" charity project was officially launched

For 3 years in a row to help Tibetan children with heart disease to Shenzhen treatment

【2011, we walk together】

[Inventory of my key words in 2011 ]

Harvest - Logistics Department Chen Bin

Full - Commodity Department Zheng Xiaoling

Ideal - Ministry of Finance Cai Shangyu

Persistent - Fujian Shishi A shop into Sun sister

Change, looking for - China Merchants Zhou Zhihui

Growth, responsibility - Hubei Jianghan C shop Ke Peach

Beyond, adhere to - Guangzhou Luogang youth shop Zhao Honglan

[2011 Let your most memorable thing]

I came to the company almost six years ago, with my family gathered together, thanks to the company for providing me with a series of conditions, so that my family can live together and make me feel at ease to work. (Logistics Department Chen Bin)

November new conference held successfully. (China Merchants Zhou Zhihui)

Close contact with Fan Bingbing and "I am a special service" actor. (Commodity Department Zheng Xiaoling)

Company's expansion activities. (A shop in Quanzhou, Fujian Province Huang Ye Ping)

When I was experiencing difficulties while traveling alone, my colleagues were very enthusiastic about giving me advice and guidance to help me deal with things that I could not handle well. (Marketing Center, Central China Zhu Xiang Ying )

[2011 makes you the most moving thing]

When Zheng always held my hand and said to me: "I am confident of you," I was very touched. I was infinitely powerless and I was full of confidence in running my own shop. (Ganzhou Xinfeng stores)

Logistics Department staff work hard together, especially before the National Day period of time, continuous combat, overtime work, the successful completion of the delivery tasks before the National Day. (Logistics Department Chen Bin)

It is really touching to see that everybody works hard to invite clients every day and try their best to accomplish their tasks. (China Merchants Zhou Zhihui)

Women's Heart Company launched "Heart of Love," so that those children with heart disease have the hope of the future. (Ministry of Finance process meaning)

Team members of the heart of the woman told me: "This is our home." ( Guangzhou Luogang Youth Store Zhao Honglan)

[ 2011 women's heart make you feel most proud thing]

The company signed an international superstar Fan Bingbing, so I am proud to announce the news to my friends, classmates, relatives and even transport carriers! (Logistics Department Chen Bin)

Fan Bingbing contract, moving towards a higher goal. (China Merchants Zhou Zhihui)

Woman's heart has changed my life, the heart of a woman made my heart mature, a woman's heart made me stronger. ( Guangzhou Luogang youth shop Zhao Honglan)

[ 2012 , your first wish]

Hope far in Fujian's grandparents, as well as grandmother, good health, enjoy old age! (Logistics Department Chen Bin)

The first wish Well, I hope is healthy, I hope all the family members in good health, hoping to work and health of all things, but also hope that all stores operating healthy. ( Guangzhou Luogang youth shop Zhao Honglan)

My first wish in 2012 is to be able to achieve a good result in my job. ( Ministry of Finance Cai Shangyu)

Study hard and strive for more progress. (Commodity Department Xu Mi)

Hope that our business is booming woman, hope we Longnan A store performance soar. (Longnan A shop all staff)

[ 2012 , your work plan goal]

In 2012 , establishing a stable transport carrier focused on saving the company's logistic costs to the best extent, providing the best logistics services to terminal stores in a timely and effective manner. (Logistics Department Chen Bin)

Challenge yourself and accomplish more than your goal. (Commodity Department Zheng Xiaoling)

Beyond 2011 , to complete the 2012 performance targets. (A shop in Quanzhou, Fujian Province Huang Ye Ping)

We hope that the sisters will work together and exceed their sales targets every month. (Fujian Shishi A shop into Sun Mei sister)

[ 2012 , the blessing you want to express]

Wishing a better and better woman's heart. (China Merchants Zhou Zhihui)

Wishing a happy woman's heart developed, all employees in good health, all the best! (Ministry of Finance process meaning)

I hope all friends I know and do not know are healthy and take my dreams one step further. (Commodity Department Zheng Xiaoling)

I wish a new atmosphere of women's heart New Year, the terminal shop business is booming. (A shop in Quanzhou, Fujian Province Huang Ye Ping)

Wishing a happy woman All employees of the company are in good health, thinking of everything and doing everything in their favor. They are happily working in the new year, and live happily ever after. All the friends in the business are booming and the branches open more and more. (Marketing Center, Central China Zhu Xiang Ying )

Hope that all friends and relatives in the new year are healthy and happy, I hope the heart of a woman getting better.

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