Internet marketing must consider 9 questions

[China Glass Network] Let us look at the nine questions that must be considered in online marketing.

1. How much has you invested in network promotion?

Whether it is an individual, a team or a company, the budget for network promotion expenses is a top priority. If the promotion effect is far from expected, but too much investment may cause the project to face the dilemma of termination.

2. What are the means for these network promotion?

There are too many means of network promotion, such as free, fee-based, short-term effects, and long-term results. At the same time, the industries and target groups in which each project is located are different, so the promotion methods to be used are Not all. Therefore, the choice of promotion means also needs to be well thought out, not to save money to see the effect.

3. How much traffic does these means bring?

This record can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the selected promotion methods. Through these data analysis, you can find a marketing method that is more suitable for your own project, so you can do more with less money.

4. How many page views PV did these flows take?

This involves the UI of the website itself, the quality of the server, and whether the ip correlation brought about by the promotion is highly matched, etc., carefully analyzing and researching countermeasures. In a word, the soldiers will block the water and cover the water.

5. How many consultations did these page views bring?

The online marketing service tool must be set up on the SMS marketing skills page. As the saying goes, online customer service is the bridge between the website operator and the customer.

6. How many purchases did these consultations have?

Here is to look at the sales, and whether the product is hard enough, whether it is competitive enough, whether it is really good and cheap.

7. How many of these customers have repeated consumption?

In addition to the factors such as sales staff, product quality, product price and after-sales service quality, there are some marketing techniques. Here is how the Tianma website production room handles this problem: 1. Establish a customer database, send some blessing SMS or email on holidays, not frequent, just let the customer remember you, and let the customer realize your sincerity. 2, every time the customer purchases the website template, we will give away the 200 yuan consumption volume that can only be used on our website. The face value can be determined according to their own situation. This is very necessary, this is also money, so the customer may remember Find ways to spend; to achieve repeated consumption 3, promotion, just like in reality, we can often see malls, supermarkets at a certain time to engage in discounts, promotions, the network is also; 4, products, such as customers bought a website program , does that still need a space host? No one likes things too complicated, do one thing online to run N places, so QQ's one-stop platform can be so smooth, as long as you think about it, each product has related accessories; 5 The quality and service of our own products, if the product garbage, cockroaches are free of talk, will also give people a sigh.

8. How many of these customers have a reputation?

Word-of-mouth marketing is also a profound knowledge. There is no discussion here, but the premise is product quality and service quality. If the product is garbage, the customer will do it for you, and you will have a cup. Of course, your own products and services are not a big one.

9. How much revenue did these sales create for you?

The latter point is whether it is profitable. The first eight links will determine the latter link. Your products and services are hard enough, and marketing is done at a high level. Then you will wait to count the money. Haha.

Internet marketing is not a matter of putting a few advertisements and sending a few posts. These nine links, each link to the next link, have a rate, each link is improved a little, the entire sales will increase many times.

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