Sapphire into a new hot spot for art investment

In recent years, in addition to the good momentum of investment in gold, silver precious metals and diamonds, the sapphire investment market known as the "imper stone" has also shown great development prospects. Looking at the auction market in recent years, almost every year, sapphire sets a record for new auction prices. Last September, the world's only one Bulgari sapphire diamond ring was unveiled at the Hong Kong-like Salty Road auction, which was once eye-catching and eventually sold at a high price of 1.89 million pounds, more than double the pre-evaluation. In addition, the sensational marriage of the royal family has repeatedly ignited the sapphire consumption boom. The folks have become more and more glorious about the jewellery culture, and gradually shift from consumption-oriented to investment-oriented.

Sapphire into a new hot spot for art investment

Sapphire into a new hot spot for art investment

Corundum, which is second only to diamonds, is in China. People know that sapphire is only a few hundred years old, and its market price has been ranked behind traditional jade gems such as jade and white jade. After the wave of hotspots in Hetian jade and jadeites, people began to look at the long-lost "brothers".

The so-called sapphire is a blue gemstone. In fact, the real sapphire is a gem-quality corundum. Among all minerals in nature, it is a variant of corundum that is second only to diamond. It is blue in color and has a transparent to translucent, glass to diamond luster. Because of this crystal clear color, sapphire has been given a mysterious power of fairy tales, and is regarded as auspicious by people all over the world.

Investment market is rising year by year. Although China has always respected the jade culture, in recent years, a sapphire style has quietly emerged. Domestic jewellery merchants have turned their eyes to sapphire. In addition, some of the money-transfer interventions that have been withdrawn from real estate have seen a leap in price compared to the past decade, and many collectors have begun to pay attention to the investment potential of sapphire.

It is understood that 60% of the sapphire produced in China is sold domestically, and the remaining 40% is mainly sold through Thailand to the rest of the world. With the weakness of the consumer market in Europe and the United States, as a luxury consumer goods, although the volume of sapphire has declined, the price of sapphire has not fallen.

As the price of sapphire skyrocketed, the mining of sapphire also entered a near-crazy level. When Changle County discovered sapphire in 1986, it was possible to find sapphire in the mountains. However, after more than 20 years of mining, it has been difficult to find sapphire on the surface. In the last 10 years, even if you dig it 14 meters underground, you may not be able to dig sapphire. At present, the local government has issued a ban on mining, which also makes sapphire gradually higher due to the small amount.

Sapphire investment needs multi-angle analysis From the perspective of jewelry culture, the Chinese sapphire market has hidden potential. In addition to its proven investment value, Sapphire has a very broad market in wedding and fashion consumption.

The industry believes that sapphire investment should be observed from multiple angles. First of all, the value of sapphire has a close relationship with its particle size, weight and cut. The gems below half a carat are more common and cheaper. If it exceeds one carat, it is expensive. More than 3 carats will rise in geometric progression. If it is more than 10 carats and the quality is very good, it is very rare, worth up to several million dollars. Generally, only sapphire with more than 3 carats has the investment value, and the weight below 3 carats only has the consumption value. In addition, the color factor has a greater impact on sapphire than on diamonds. The highest level of sapphire color is "blue ink". The thicker the color, the better the color. The blacker and lighter are all poor color.

In addition, the quality of the cut also affects its value, so sapphire is very particular about cutting, including faceted and plain noodles; the shape is elliptical, round, emerald, pear, olive and mixed. . The most popular of these is the hybrid shape, which is a wide oval shape.

In the international auction market, the main sales volume and transaction price of sapphire are much higher than ruby.

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