Diamond Selection Guide: How to buy diamonds?

This is an era of self-fulfilling in the busy, women have never been so independent, so they need more elegant things to embellish themselves; men have never been so rushing, they need to let people appreciate their taste. Diamond is the best friend of a woman, and it is also the most dazzling highlight of a man. Knowing the certain purchase knowledge, the diamond jewelry purchased will be both beautiful and cost-effective. Of course, this is also a good reference for other jewelry.


Shopping should not disrupt the balance of payments, the budget for working clothes and shoes should be listed, and the purchase of jewelry and diamonds should be more so. If the budget is limited, you may wish to purchase a diamond with a lower clarity and color, a lower grade and a heavier weight. Anyway, no one will kneel on the wearer to observe the diamond ornament with a magnifying glass.

Diamond ornaments (1)

Diamond ornaments (1)

2. Shop around

Look at it, Dobby, there is no harm, but the prerequisite is to see the quality of the diamond and the work of the jewelry. The price of the diamond is relatively stable and transparent. You can go to the jewelry wholesale place to investigate, or ask people who know how to do it. .

It is best to buy in a stable and reputable store or mall, because after-sales service is also an important link.

3. What kind of diamond is the most valuable

It should be said that diamonds with a certificate of CIA or HRD and other international authoritative institutions are the most valuable when purchased at a reasonable price of more than 1 carat. Of course, they must have appropriate economic strength. The price of such diamonds has been rising steadily. No matter how heirloom or auctions are realized, there will be no loss.

Men's diamond jewelry

Men's diamond jewelry

4. Find out what is "4C"

Although the ''4C' of diamonds—weight, clarity, color, and cut, has been a commonplace, it is still useful to ask more questions when buying. Ask “What is the weight of the diamond” and “How is the clarity?” "What color does it reach?" "What is the difference between the two cuts?" The store will not only answer the questions seriously, but also know that the purchaser is a person who knows what to do, and asks these questions.

5. Choose the diamond that suits your age.

For young people, according to their own spending power, it is not wrong to choose a price that is not high and the design of the new diamond jewelry as a starting point. With the increase of age and economic strength, you can choose larger diamonds and mature styles. It is not appropriate for people over the age of 30 to wear a small diamond ring, just like a small room with a small light, the light is difficult to display. Depending on your age and identity, the diamonds will complement the wearer.

Diamond ornaments (2)

Diamond ornaments (2)

6. Change

When their identity, environment and aesthetic views have changed, many jewellery stores already have some service measures that allow buyers to use a small amount of money to achieve the purpose of replacing jewelry, such as small to large.

According to the change of age, it is feasible to exchange for a larger diamond ornament that is more suitable for you. Pay attention to your own diamond ornaments and don't damage them.

In addition, it is also a good idea to change the re-inlaying. Diamond is the main value of the diamond jewelry. If you change it, you can get a new diamond ornament if you don’t spend a lot of money. If you are familiar with the store, you can also go to the store to go to Hong Kong and other places. Into the fashion frontier style, naturally satisfied.

For more jewellery knowledge, please pay more attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network.

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