How to identify Hetian jade

How to identify Hetian jade, do you have any good ideas? Xiao Bian is very willing to exchange and study with everyone, let's talk about how to identify Hetian jade!

Hetian jade

The identification of Hetian jade is important in the following aspects:

First, look at the texture; in general, Hetian jade has a unique texture, and has a fundamental gap with other jade, mainly because there are no pores, and the authentic Hetian jade has pores. Under normal circumstances, the pores are unsightly, but it is not difficult for experienced people. The pores can be seen under the illumination of a magnifying glass or a flashlight. The pores are structured like small clouds, and very small bubbles. The color of the color is white, the density is good, and the finer the pores of Hetian jade, the density is not so good, and the pores of Hetian jade are looser.

Second, look at the skin color, and Hetian Yushan material does not have skin color. Hetian Yushan material can only be identified by pores and other symbolic factors. Most of Hetian jade seed material has skin color and skin color. It is Hetian jade seed material. At present, some lawless elements on the market are trying to investigate the interests, artificially coloring, posing as Hetian jade seed material, and copying the skin color of Hetian jade seeds. Such improper behavior is a deceptive behavior. I hope that you will be friends. Be careful and avoid buying fake leathers and being deceived.

Third, relying on practical experience; in actual combat, cumulatively identifying the actual experience of Hetian jade, this very important, more personal contact with authentic Hetian jade, more to see Hetian jade, especially the multi-personal experience Hetian jade stone, including Hetian Yushan raw stone, Hetian jade seed material original stone, Hetian jiaoge wall raw stone, identification of the original stone is the basis for identifying Hetian jade. If you master the identification of Hetian jade original stone, the problem of finished product is no problem. If there are conditions, go to Xinjiang Hetian to personally inspect Hetian jade origin. Take a look at Hetian jade's digging process. If conditions permit, go to the largest Hetian jade stone trading market in Xinjiang's Hetian City, and see how many kinds of Hetian jade stone are in the end. Hetian jade seed material, more look, more research, so cumulative, I believe that your Hetian jade identification ability is greatly improved.

The above is for everyone to say three ways to how Hetian jade should be identified, I hope to help you.

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