India will realize the production of cloth with colored cotton

Experts from the Indian Academy of Agricultural Sciences said that in a few months India will be able to use colored cotton to produce fabrics.

After nearly a decade of research at the university, the university is now ready to grow colored cotton, which is not a genetically modified cotton, and has natural dark brown, light brown, and green colors.

Coloured cotton can reduce the costs of processing garment manufacturers by more than half, while ensuring that there is no risk of staining. Consumers do not have to pay more for wearing colored cotton clothing because the textile industry will save on dyeing and processing costs.

Last year, the Madras High Court ordered the closure of the printing and dyeing plant in Tamil Nadu, which polluted the Noyyal River, causing the garment industry to remain in a state of chaos.

Experts say that colored cotton can be grown commercially in India. Their experiment has been successful.

Khadi and the Rural Industry Committee are already preparing to grow colored cotton and use colored cotton to produce cloth.

The committee has reserved 8 million rupees for planting colored cotton. However, the time for signing the memorandum of understanding has been postponed. However, this issue will soon be resolved.

A few private institutions are also interested in growing colored cotton.

Color cotton and colored cotton garments have been developed in the United States and Europe.

Initially, experts only used a single color of cotton to weave, but now we can use white, brown, and green yarns to weave.

Colored cotton was once fashionable in the past, but it is no longer popular for some time. In the modern era, Sally Fox began planting colored cotton in 1982.

According to reports, colored cotton was found in India in 1997, but the fibers were too short and the strength was too poor. In addition, the yield is also very low.

But after nearly a decade of experimentation, researchers have come up with the best varieties of colored cotton with the best fiber length and strength.

Dr. Manjula, a senior grower, said in his presentation that the production of dark brown and light brown cotton exceeds 2.5 tons/ha. Green cotton production is 1.4 tons/ha.

The Indian Academy of Agricultural Sciences is studying and looking for other colors of colored cotton, in addition to further strengthen the strength and yield of colored cotton.

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