Red Kay Bell with the international fashion interpretation of implied and elegant

Red Ke Beier from the romantic capital of France's romantic fashion, her elegant, romantic, full of aristocratic, no matter where you can always add to the surrounding glory, to bring joy to the people ... ... she confident independence, intelligent, taste Original, continuous translation of the traditional and modern, reality and dream of harmony. Elegant and subtle, the combination of quality and fashion. Eternal interpretation of modern urban women elegant subtle, gentle and graceful features. Red Ke Bell will be the most perfect fashion presented to the taste of knowledge and knowledge of fashion women.

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

Gathering the fashion factor of international trend and the passion of women, HongKeBel (International) since its establishment in 1999, with leading company operation and management and pragmatic, efficient and people-oriented spirit of enterprise, insist on fashion counterparts, innovation, making Red Kai Bell steady development of enterprises, has formed a solid sales system.
In recent years, Hong Kai Baer to speed up the pace of international operations, the French headquarters in mainland China set up brand operations center, and set up in Guangzhou, China Huacheng Guangzhou R & D, production and special flow base, the rapid expansion of the market network to mainland China, Southeast Asia and other regions So far the country has covered more than 20 provincial-level, with 100 sales terminals.

红凯贝尔与国际时尚接轨  演绎含蓄与优雅

Red Ke Beier and international fashion standards, with extraordinary taste and distinctive style of the world of women 's fashion have attracted the attention of its unique design concept reflects the concept of Western culture and the East with the traditional charm, style elegant and full of passion, by Oriental Fashion Female green pay attention.

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