CHEZCOCO winter pondering French fantasy, to create a colorful mix and match

CHEZCOCO brand new Winter 2012 winter fun French romantic flirt, create colorful mix and match! CHEZCOCO brand artistic director Jasmine Cao 2012 Winter "Fabiana's colorful afternoon" as the theme of the creation of the 1920s French silent film era full of Baroque luxury sensual design inspired by the retro vintage, gold lace, bronzing fabrics, beads material, The original leopard patterns will be a thick French romance no doubt; the new attempt is the inspiration of the season's new color highlights; full of warmth of the fur in this season more luxurious, warmer, more elegant, more shiny ; Texture soft and warm knit material played out the architectural form of the sense of volume ... ... This season's products to break the people's winter clothes has always been to understand the colorful and mix and match as the key to bring consumers a new winter experience.


Snowflake patterns and wavy lines perfectly intertwined, dark green down jacket outlines a different luxury charm, tough stylish brim design brings out more exquisite facial features.


Red knit this winter playing the architectural form of the volume of flu, soft texture of knit and lace stitching, sweet and moving, with lace cake skirt, so that the wearer more elegant and shiny.


Full of warmth of the brown fur luxurious and elegant, with a long red sweater with a distinctive level, to create a romantic retro celebrity temperament.

If you want to say the role of brand effect, the design elements from France CHEZCOCO women's apparel brand launched in China nowadays, the rapid development of the brand, there are already more than 300 stores. Jasmine Cao, the artistic director of the brand's soul, relies on his unique fashion sense of smell and understanding of the market with its versatility, fun practicality, cordial luxury, attractive impact and modest manufacturing Dreaming of the artistic design of the impact of the old traditional dress concept.

Imitation Wax Fabric tends to have a more intense, deeper color than a real wax print and only be printed on one side of the fabric.

Imitation wax fabric is more uniform in appearance and the printed patterns tend to be more precise.

Using 100% cotton material.

Waxed printed technology, better permeability, color and design of two side is identical.

Wax printed patterns: geometric patterns, character design and other customer pattern.

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