LavisLavie Le Wei Ya launched ultra-light series of shoes triggered "Lightweight" big guess

Yang Mi: to reduce the burden of life from the foot start - LavisLavie Leroy Ya launched ultra-light series of shoes triggered "light force" big guess Recently, LEWIS Ya launched a new ultra-light series of fashion casual shoes. As an urban fashion casual shoes brand, Leviya launched the ultra-light new products, ultra-light technology which will be incorporated into the fashion shoes, not only enriched the product line, but also marks the determination of Le Weiya fine cultivated urban casual shoes . Light big guess super light how light light Weiya LavisLavie super light casual shoes when the whole network is released, a "light" big guess Lover Wei Sina Sina micro start. "How lightweight ultralight shoes? A bag of 100g Swiss lotus dark chocolate? A 137g 8Giphone4? 1 box 276g tiramisu?" After testing, Le Wei Ya LavisLavie lightest shoes only about 100g, and before "Autumn and winter new sweet power release" Lovia launched the new fall and winter autumn and winter with many LEGO consumers to meet the ultra-light shoes, but also 380g. Curious consumers are holding Levi's super-light shoes and shoes to wear on-site comparison, and sure enough the weight a lot worse. Yang Mi, spokesperson for the LEWA LavisLavie super light new platform cheer, Yang Mi said light, comfortable is her one of the important conditions for the selection of shoes, to enjoy a happy light life, to reduce the burden on life, starting from the foot. Indeed, the high strength and fast-paced urban life, people feel tired. Often dragging heavy footsteps, shuttle in the streets, it is to put a heavy burden on the heavy heart. "Light life" LEGIS Lavis Lavie super light from Levi's shoes, always care of your feet, release the shackles of the feet, let you walk light, brisk jumping, easy to enjoy the fun of life! LavisLavie dedicated to the "urban fashion casual shoes," the extraordinary design and development, has always insisted on promoting "easy walking city, enjoying the watercolor life." Comfort, fashion is LavisLavie LavisLavie product quality requirements, and to give consumers more than expected product experience and services. To this end, LEGA Lavis Lavie Lavis constantly trying to design innovation at the same time also sought to innovate in the functionality of casual shoes. The new ultra-light series of casual shoes that is the EPR ultralight sole, the weight of the same volume of rubber soles 1/2, but it has all the advantages of non-slip, wear-resistant. "Comfort" is the basis of Le Weiya ultra-light series, the whole leather texture, so that shoes have more breathing space, the design of shoes on the soles of the feet feel sufficient resilience, low front and rear fully ergonomic, in order to achieve sufficient Wearing comfort, combined with ultra-light technology, LavisLavie LavisLavie comfort has been a qualitative leap; at the same time to superb footwear technology and the latest fashion elements, LEGA Lavis Lavie Lovie fully upgraded product quality. Lovis Lavie LavisLavie true light life experience "light life" is a lively lifestyle, go to simple, easy to enjoy life. In order to show the concept of ultra-light, more realistic expression of light series on behalf of the "light life" concept, Leroy Lavis Lavie in Beijing 798 Art District held a "flying light dream" air show, several ultra-light series shoes Hydrogen balloon hanging from full of youthful mannequin hands slowly vacated. Hit the color of the ultra-light shoes, colorful hydrogen balloon collocation, showing a watercolor lively picture. Live show attracted many onlookers, we all lamented shoes can be hoisted by the hydrogen balloon, LavisLavie Lavis Lavie staff at the scene introduced the tourists quite interested in comparing the severity of the sole, and personally experienced the super Light series of shoes extraordinary experience. LavisLavie Lhava interpretation intentions 0 Gravity light life Now people's lives, both psychological and external, are full of excessive burden and pressure, "light life" has gradually become the pursuit of urban people. Lovis Lavie Lavis Lavie promote "watercolor LOHAS pie" concept of life, from the bottom of my heart is accepted by the public. Slow down the pace of life, calm down the life state of mind, life pressure down, 0 gravity to be more light. Every city woman who loves herself and loves life, I believe I want to be able to enjoy the joy of relaxing at any time, let LavisLavie Lets you now realize your dreams, bring you happiness.

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