Cole Haan2012 winter footwear series break the day and night boundaries

Metropolitan New York is always reminiscent of a busy scene: full of people busy with daily work, while walking in the forefront of fashion. However, when the winter comes, the first cold front arrives in New York. The usual busy hour and quiet noises are suddenly quiet. To lighten the dreary winter, Cole Haan features a festive 2012 Winter Collection. With a wide range of materials, texture and color, breaking the boundaries of day and night, bringing endless surprises this winter. Women's Shoes Series Metallic Cole Haan 2012 winter ladies' footwear and handbags collection is a shiny, sheer imitated metal finish that sparkles even in winter and night. Janelle Ballet uses sleek, metallic tone leather accented with gemstones that allow fun-conscious urban women to balance work hours with Happy Hours. Chelsea Pump big play "sparkling elements", multi-color metallic sequins vamp design, both fashion and comfort; with avant-garde and stylish metal texture Crosby shopping bag or bucket bag, it is a sight. Wool Leather Wool leather is a cold winter's Girlfriend. Lania Boot in wool leather, based on the inspiration from the skiing, adding buckle details, full playful personality. EVA thick soles designed into the lightweight Nike AIR damping rubber soles, thick and not heavy, bringing the ultimate comfort. Gerina Boot upper with waterproof suede, to help you easily shuttle in the snow or rain. Casual style of the Sadie Shearling Driver made of wool leather, with a pure hand-sewn suede vamp, exaggerated delicate mind. Minetta Crosby Shopper adds a winter's luxury and playfulness to the classic Crosby style. Reflective Skylar Oxford references the classic floral pattern details of a men's dress shoe with a smooth, reflective, leather upholstery that resembles the urban lights reflected in snowbound pedestrians. Monroe Penny Loafer is also based on the men's style, with a smooth and reflective upper and Nike AIR shock-absorbing embedded polyurethane cushion soles, in the classic style, adding women's unique charm and fashion strokes. Whether it is daytime shopping, or a variety of night-time dance floors, Reflective City Clutch and Zip Pouch are the perfect showcase for urban femininity. Holiday gifts have come to the gift of each season! This season women's small leather accessories with more festive gift packaging design. Whether it is gemstone Crosby wallet, or sequined Minetta Party Bag, there is always a right for you! Men's Shoes Cole Haan Classic classic Air Monroe Penny is made of rich shades of suede, low-key highlight personality. The everlasting new Air Colton Casual Wingtip has undergone a new interpretation of multicolored suede during the season, allowing men in metropolitan areas to easily navigate New York streets. Reflective material innovative reflective material can capture the night after the dazzling lights. Reflective vamp design makes the classic shoes Air Monroe Penny and Lunarlon sole with Cooper Square more elegant, to meet the urban population for the pursuit of comfort and fashion. From Reflective Slim Wallet to Messenger, a whole new range of men's accessories are set to put everyone in the spotlight. Holiday Gift Cole Haan winter accessories series of New York winter atmosphere. All kinds of knitted scarves and deerskin gloves, with a variety of materials accompanied by brilliant colors, gifts as a gift relatives and friends, will certainly make each other elated.

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