Glass cans to create home creative green plants

[China Glass Net] I want to add some green atmosphere to the room and feel that the pot planting is troublesome? Xiaobian brings you two small and lovely glass canned plants. Whether it is discarded canned fruit or small vases that are suspended, it can make unexpected changes in the home environment and make the environment look vibrant. Let's take a look at her DIY magic now~


Is it incredible to transplant a cute green plant into a glass container? Yes, choose a plant type with strong vitality, and it can grow very well in glass containers. This is a trendy decoration method. Xiaobian will explain the two desktop glass plants for you. Let's try it together~

Part1: glass canned green decoration

What can a glass can bottle do? Today, diced meat will share a simple idea that you can't think of, so that your desktop will immediately add anger and green! How to grow clover with canned bottles, how is it good!


More and more people are beginning to be interested in the bottle, dig a piece of moss, plant a few weeds, and a green planet that belongs to you is born! Try it out, remember to choose plants that are more tenacious in life and that are relatively small in terms of nutrient requirements.

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