Glass material classification and maintenance

[China Glass Net] Glass materials can be divided into two categories: one is glass plate, which is mainly used for decorative parts that need lighting, such as flat glass, embossed glass, frosted glass, coated glass, engraved glass, Varieties such as tempered glass can be selected according to the requirements of different parts and different decorative effects. The other type is glass bricks, mainly used for glass partitions, glass walls and other projects, mainly hollow glass bricks. It can be divided into single cavity and double cavity, and has a variety of specifications such as square brick and rectangular brick. The surface shape is also very rich, and it can be selected according to the decoration needs.

Glassware maintenance and repair of glass in daily use, to avoid violent twisting and spinning to prevent damage to the glass. When there is ash on the surface, it can be washed with water and immediately dried with a dry cloth; if there is oil, it can be washed off with a cleaning agent and then cleaned with water. When cleaning, be careful not to leave the corrosive cleaning agent on the frame. Do not use a tool with too hard material to prevent corrosion and damage the surface of the frame.

Once the glass is damaged, it should be replaced in time. The replacement method is relatively simple, remove the sealing material on the glass frame, and match the original size with new glass. Glass bricks often crack, and should be repaired with glass glue in time.

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