Divided into different categories and Tian Yu - Mo Yu

Moyu refers to a valuable variety of Hetian jade in Xinjiang. It has the characteristics of Hetian jade's excellent quality and firmness, such as pure black paint, heavy color, fine texture, smooth and elegant. The color of black jade is mainly black (accounting for more than 60%), and it is mostly in the form of leaf-like strips. It can be mixed with a small amount of white or grayish white (accounting for less than 40%), and the color is uneven. The ink color of the ink jade is due to the fine graphite scales contained in the jade. The ink color is mostly cloud-like and strip-like, and there are also pyrite fine particles in the ink color, which are distributed in a star-like shape, commonly known as "Golden Star Jade".

Ink jade is divided into two types: one is the jade of white jade, and the base of the jade is permeable with strong light. The white jade is doped with ink of the size one: the other is the jade of the bottom of the jade. The light illuminates the base only slightly, and most of them can see the uneven distribution of ink dots, and some of them are hard to see the ink dots. Both of the above jade are caused by fine graphite scales distributed in white jade or sapphire. The degree of blackness of the material is naturally determined by the degree of density of the distribution of ink dots. Furthermore, in terms of density, the density of the two ink jade is smaller than the density of the corresponding white jade and sapphire (because the density of carbon is low). The ink color of the Qinghai mountain material is mostly strip-shaped, while the black color of the Hetian seed material is mostly fog-like.

There are several kinds of jade in the market that are easily confused with ink jade:

Kava Stone: The characteristic is that no matter how you take it, it is opaque and not oily at all. In addition, it is interesting to note that kava stone is also produced in the famous two jade rivers in Hetian, Xinjiang.

Smoke: It is characterized by no scatter characteristics in the black, black and ground colors are natural transitions, and some are purple.

Xinjiang black jasper: It will be painted black in general daylight, and if it is illuminated with strong light, it will shine green. Because the essence of Xinjiang black jasper is jasper, the price span is large. The identification of this jade looks dark, and secondly, there is a black spot in the jade under the lamp. The purer and more transparent the quality, the more valuable it is.

The real Xinjiang ink jade is made of graphite invaded into white jade. When you hit it with a light, you can see the white jade on the ground, with black dots on the stars. Of course, although the dark is the top grade, the edge of the jade should also be transparent, because it is white jade, it is also very oily. Many times, because it is all black, because it can not see the bottom of the white jade, so that people are misunderstood as black stones, so the bottom of the white jade still has to be, just right. In short, to distinguish the real ink jade, you need to see more, play more, look for the best in the ink jade.

The quality evaluation of ink jade is all black, expensive, black as pure paint, fine as sheep fat, is the fine and best of the ink jade. The evaluation principle of Moyu has the following three aspects: First, color. The color should be black, pure black, gray, and green. The color jewel and jade color evaluation are the same principle, and the color purity is the first one. Second, the distribution of colors should be uniform. Obviously, the whole ink is the best, and the ink can only be used as a color. The use of reasonable color can add a lot of color to the jade carving, and it seems that the jade is vivid. Dot ink is difficult to use, generally in the process of jade processing, smashing and removing it. The third is the delicate degree of jade. The delicate degree of jade is the preferred principle for evaluating Hetian jade.

In addition, since the color of Hetian Moyu is formed in graphite, some star points are visible on the bottom of the white jade. Moyu is the same as other colored ones. The more intense the color, the higher the value. The ink is the most precious. Of course, although the ink jade is rich in ink color, its edge is best to be transparent, otherwise it is easily seen as a black stone. There is also a black and white distinct blue and white flower material in the ink jade, which is also very popular among the people, as a jade material of the jade carving.

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