White Collar women's brand of ladies to create the perfect shape

Determined to become the oriental art of haute couture brand on behalf of white-collar workers (White Collar) after 17 years of concentrated operations, it has become China's leading haute couture brands. Endless innovation design, the perfect application of visual arts, unique business ideas, subversion of the traditional marketing model outlines the successful brand image of white-collar workers.


High-quality luxury rabbit hair, wool blend fabric, double breasted and the Department of belt, after exquisite tailoring designers, will be simple, elegant and real wear as one. With beige perfect color, more luxury.

白领(White Collar)品牌女装  打造淑女气质的完美造型

Wool and rabbit hair blend, light luxury, low profile yet delicate fashion. Beige bring a touch of warmth in the cold winter, the closure of the sleeves waist design, generous and elegant, large lapel to create the perfect shape of lady temperament.

Harvest Festival

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