Tattooed women winter models atmospheric shape clothes drying out Variety Style

Napa apparel industry as its flagship brand Ke Bo, design ideas in the planning, based on the Chinese fashion arena, focusing on the trend of international fashion trends. Brand under the guidance of Chinese culture, different understanding of fashion, the company not only in the design ideas and design thinking with the international fashion trends simultaneously, more in-depth understanding of the domestic market, the mentality of women, brand-name products for the rapid expansion of the market has provided a powerful The guarantee.

纳纹 - NAWain

Neutral style neat style woolen coat, profile simple and crisp, oblique zipper design for the texture plus a lot of points.

纳纹女装冬款 大气廓形衣晒出百变Style

Elegant sense of the U-collar collar distinguished ladies wind, cute bubble sleeve to create a lovely palace style, rabbit fur mosaic sleeves dense soft, to create noble qualities.

Polyester Filling Duvet

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