Selection of walking shoes should pay attention to shock absorption and coating

Selection of walking shoes should pay attention to shock absorption and coating The walking shoes have always been in the sports market, and the brands continue to introduce new ones. From the function, appearance and uniqueness, different and modern shoes are designed. However, in the end how to choose the right walking shoes for you? What are the key points to pay attention? Let the people come to tell you.

According to statistics, each step taken by a person when walking, the weight carried by the foot is about 1 to 1.5 times the weight of the body. As the speed of the pace changes, the carrying pressure also changes. Therefore, to pick a pair of good walking shoes, the key points to consider include:

1. Compatible: To understand your foot shape carefully, choose your shoe type based on your heel width, instep height, toe depth, and forefoot width.

When trying on, the five toes must be free to move, it is the shoes that fit the feet, and the time to try the shoes is best selected in the afternoon and close to the evening, because the body's feet are the smallest after getting up in the morning, but over time. With walking movements, the volume of the feet will increase relatively, and in the afternoon it will be at an average value. Therefore, it is recommended to try shoes during this period in order to select the proper shoes.

2. Coverage, support and stability / good walking shoes must have good coverage, but also need to strengthen the support of the arch to provide a stable fit of the arch and the body when walking, Keep your feet stable while walking.

Followed by: Since the heel first lands with the heel, the heel guard needs a little hardness to protect the stability and support of the heel.

Sole: Softness and support are required to ensure comfort during walking.

3. Shock absorption / During walking, with the contact between the foot and the ground, the ankle joint, knee joint, etc. will be affected by the reaction force, so the sole should be shock-absorbing cushion, will not be walking distance or time is too long, Causes pain and fatigue in the feet and legs.

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