Unbeaten No Woman Jimmy Choo High Heels Super Fan

Ben Wang, August 14th, whether it is Yao Chen in "Divorce Lawyer" or Liu Shishi who has recently worked for "Emperate Spring Knife", it seems that the two actresses who occupy the top of the topic seem to have no common ground, but you always have The “intersection” will be found in their clothes. The woman will look at her face for the first time and the shoes will be seen at the second eye! Jimmy Choo’s prideful shoes will allow the love of the mm to be recognized at a glance. Actress is rushing to wear his shoes!


In the "Divorce Lawyer" poster, Yao Chen wears Jimmy Choo's black gold gradient high heels, with deep V dress sexy and calm.


Yao Chen’s promotion of “Divorce Lawyer” Jimmy Choo's silk bandage adds a touch of femininity.


The recent "Emerald Knife" is being hit, and the publicity campaign is not only eye-catching. The Valentino 2014 early autumn series dress, the black Jimmy Choo lace high-heeled shoes also add luster to the shape of this very woman, there is no thick How to look at the waterproof platform is neat, coupled with a cute wave skirt and Jiaoqiao and age!


Liu Shishi attends the Embroidered Spring Knife campaign Jimmy Choo pointed heels to show off his mature charm.


Jimmy Choo's heel shoes not only have sexy, intellectual two-way style, Tang Wei had earlier appeared on the show to show the small fresh money, low-heeled shape looked less sharp, plus the cool color of the cool let us in this sauna Is there any reason why you don’t buy a day?


The same is the Jimmy Choo Mint green paragraph, Li Bingbing is more like high-heeled, coupled with her body full of breathless nude sleeve shirt is very in tune.

A silver heel often worn by actresses when walking on the red carpet, ps: This is where Jun Ji-hyun holds the second-selling title in "Star You."


Nicole Rich, who was a print dress, was a big surprise, but we were surprised to be attracted by the tattoos on the ankle. The climax was that this tattoo actually fit into the fit of Jimmy Choo's heel, Nicole. Rich really worked hard on picking shoes!


This silver N-shoe worn by Teresa Palme will have a show on the red carpet. It is not an exaggeration for Jimmy Choo's year-round explosion. It is matched with black, rose, and sapphire. Dresses are very good.


This style of Georgia is entirely for Jimmy Choo this hot ankle boots born, dressed in a simple gray strap skirt with Fathom high heels, still can not cover up sexy taste. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures Bow Lina shoes)

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