India wants to expand on Vietnam's textile and apparel

India wants to expand on Vietnam's textile and apparel

According to China News Service, India is seeking to export more textile and apparel materials to Vietnam.

According to the latest reports from Vietnamese media, at the Vietnam-India textile and apparel trade exchange jointly organized by the Vietnamese government and the Cotton Textile Export Promotion Committee of India recently, officials of the Indian Cotton Textile Export Promotion Committee stated that the textile and garment industry in Vietnam is in great demand for fabrics, and India is The production and supply of apparel fabrics are "most competitive".

Due to weak self-design capabilities, Vietnamese textile companies are currently engaged in product processing. Since 2013, Vietnam’s textile exports have started to grow rapidly, but textile raw materials are highly dependent on imports.

India wants to strengthen its export of textile raw materials to Vietnam. Apart from the potential of the Vietnam market, there are also eager to get rid of the difficulties in exporting cotton textiles in the country. According to Indian media reports, due to the decline in China's demand, India’s cotton yarn export volume in the first quarter of this financial year (April-June 2014) has been reduced by approximately 20%.

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