The "Exclusive Secrets" of the Optional Footwear

Ben Wang, April 26 hearing, in the Beijing Tongren Hospital, the doctor will tell the patient to take note of the shoes, because most of the foot disease and shoes have a direct relationship. Director Zhang Jianzhong served for many years in Beijing Tongren Hospital. This professional doctor's shoe has mostly casual shoes, and the material is mainly leather. The shoe type prefers shoes with loose toe caps, slightly harder soles, and a little heel.

Director Zhang has many “exclusive secrets” on how to choose a pair of comfortable and comfortable shoes.

Suitable shoes do not require a "break-in" period

Many people mistakenly believe that the new shoes have a "break-in" period, and wear them for a while. In fact, new shoes of good quality and fit will be comfortable when worn. In general, a comfortable shoe does not press against the back of the foot, there is room for about one thumb in front of the shoe, there is room for the front foot to swing and the back cannot be swung, and there is no feeling of friction between the heel and the shoe last. Moreover, the size of each person's feet is not the same. When trying out shoes, it is necessary to rely on the comfort of the oversized feet. Be sure to stand up and take a few steps to see if the two shoes are all with their feet.

Special foot shape with special insole

It is relatively easy to buy shoes in the foot style, but some people have flat feet or high arches. The shoes are bought with feet and matched with insoles. How do I know my foot? Here's a simple test: wet your feet and print them on thin paper. In the case of a flat foot, the curvature of the arch of the inner side of the sole of the foot is small, and the entire foot is almost on the ground when standing.

For those with high archers, on the other hand, the arc of the arch is too high to be close to the ground. People with flat feet should choose shoes with arched cushions and hard heels. Otherwise, they are prone to plantar fasciitis; those with high archers should use softer insoles or cushions to reduce the damage to the feet.

The old man's shoes should be soft, with a little heel

The elderly are also very particular about the choice of shoes. It is best to wear shoes with soft points. The height of the heel is about 2 cm higher than the forefoot of the sole. In addition to paying attention to the height of the heel, older people's soles can be slightly larger. In general, beef tendon shoes are a good choice.

Sneakers are not suitable for all sports

The soles of athletic shoes are flexible and can play a buffer role in running and jumping. Some people think that as long as the soles can be worn without cracking. In fact, some sports shoes do not look damaged on the surface, but their soft rubber soles have long been excessive loss, loss of protection.

In addition, different sports should choose different shoes. When running, it is suitable to wear running shoes, and the shoe number must be purchased bigger to ensure that the foot is fully stretched; when playing tennis, the upper should be thick, and the best choice is leather shoes; There are more impacts, more jumps, higher shoe uppers, better joint protection, and less sprained ankles and knees.

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