r100 Weapon - use the nose and nose choose children's clothing

Now on the market of children's clothing brands, how can we feel comfortable buying it? None of the mothers are scientists, and none of them have labs to test whether or not they pass the chemical. Now I introduce you to several simple ways to judge. First: According to the state regulations on textiles, clothing for infants and young children for the A category, direct contact with the skin type of clothing belong to the B category, other non-direct contact with the skin type of clothing are C, such as coats and so on. When buying to pay attention to see if there is "baby products" message. As infants and young children are prone to sucking clothes, the infant clothing for category A also adds a test index of color fastness to saliva to prevent the dye from directly inhaling into the body and endanger the health of infants and children. Second: Smelled paint on infant and toddler clothing is a relatively problematic part because it contains some chemical binders, of which formaldehyde may be present. Formaldehyde can irritate the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Failed aromatic dye in the dye easily absorbed by the skin, causing allergies, long-term contact with the human body can cause cancer cells. This kind of dye is colorless and tasteless, and can not reduce the harm of the clothes by means of washing or the like. In the purchase of clothes after the opening smell to see if there is smell, the so-called smell include: musty, gasoline, kerosene, fishy smell, smell or other smell. If you have these smells, it is best not to buy. Buy underwear, especially to buy baby products, with the choice of dyes, paint a small plain, small print pattern is better, try not buy brightly printed. Third: wash back after the garment, especially underwear and infant clothing, formaldehyde easily soluble in water, washing can reduce its content. In addition to buy back the new clothes should be placed one or two weeks to wear, so that part of the formaldehyde can evaporate.

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