How to avoid the gems fraud trap

More and more gemstones have entered thousands of households, and more and more people are considering buying genuine gems. But the market often has various traps that make it hard to prevent. So how do you avoid these pitfalls?

Can't be cheap

Beware of undocumented vendors

At the roadside, subway, sometimes there will be some stalls with "Baltic amber" and "Fushun Mine" original stone, the price is a few yuan a gram, many people think it is cheap and looks better, then impulse to buy Next, even on-site grinding. This or golden "Baltic amber rough", or the black-faced "Fushun Mine Raw Stone", usually a plastic imitation or a Coba resin, certainly cannot be compared to real amber in terms of price and texture. Now the price of amber has been rising. It is impossible to make a large amber stone of a few yuan. Therefore, you must not bring trouble to yourself for the sake of being cheap.

Nowadays people like to wear bracelets, especially in summer, and more and more people buy bracelets. Of course, everyone wants to buy good quality and cheap. On the flyover, on the subway, and on the side of the road, there are always people selling various bracelets, and the price is quite cheap. But we must be careful, because these seemingly similar "stones" with jewels, garnets, crystals, and beeswax are all made of plastic or glass. Plastics and glass can almost imitation of all gems, which is confusing for collectors who lack relevant knowledge. Therefore, we still have to buy the bracelets in the formal market, there is no guarantee for the purchase on the roadside, even if we know that we can not defend the rights after buying the fake.

Can't taste it

Avoid understanding the fur

After learning a little bit of fur knowledge or technical terminology, many Tibetan friends began to pan for goods. They even forced their own theory to check in. They bought a combination of Baoshan Nanhong and said that it was Baoshan. This mentality is The most undesirable. With the price increase of tourmaline, many friends who come to buy tourmaline but are not very familiar with tourmaline, it is easy to buy the "Bixi" which is imitation of crystal cracking, and this kind of "tourmaline" usually has more surface cracks and colors. The cracks enter and are uneven, and have a network structure, and the dyed deposits can be seen.

Collecting a class of things, the necessary theoretical knowledge reserves are indispensable, but can not be tasted. If you can compare the actual objects more conveniently, of course, it is easier to figure out the combination of physical and theoretical. For a gem, there are many cases of fraud, similarity, etc., so it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and to grasp the characteristics of the gem. Sometimes, in order to convince customers to buy value-for-money, the seller even convinced some simple identification methods to be convincing. In many cases, we will have the feeling of “selling the price of a big jump, the opportunity is rare”. At this time, we need to think calmly. You can't buy back a bunch of useless things because of the impulse. The phrase “Sellers are always smarter than buyers” needs to be kept in mind and remind yourself.

Can't just look at the appearance

Need to be sensible and skeptical

Many friends will see the "old corals" with similar appearances. If you look closely, you can see that the time of wearing is not short, but you can't believe that all the old things are true. Among the organic gemstones, the attraction of the coral is still very large. In addition to dyed seaweed, cheap white coral, dyed marble, pink glass, and Gilson synthetic coral have become the substitutes for red coral. People who like corals must pay attention to their growth patterns when purchasing, and careful observation can avoid being fooled. There are also a lot of "old beeswax" that are baked with new wax, not the color that is produced after long wearing. Some turquoise that looks very porcelain is actually made of rubber. In the process of buying, you must be sensible, and you must have a skeptical spirit. You must further determine the quality of the extremely beautiful gemstones before you buy them.

Can't be blindly confident

Looking for an expert to take care of it

Many people have experienced a long time in a certain category of collections, and have accumulated a lot of rich experience. It is a good thing to have relevant experience, but sometimes experience will confuse your eyes. The experience we accumulate sometimes makes ourselves blind and confident, and we are not skeptical about the gemstones that our eyes see and feel real. Nowadays, various methods of counterfeiting are emerging one after another, and some use similar jade to serve as a well-known breed. For example, the “Chuzhou Stone” often mentioned in the Shoushan Stone Market, in which the texture is slightly better, it is sold as Shoushan Shanbo, and many Shoushan Stone veterans are eye-catching. For friends with more collection knowledge, don't blindly come to the conclusion of the gems that are not sure. You may want to look at the experts and check them. After the instrument testing and expert Q&A, you will be able to give a reliable conclusion. .

How do masks play a protective role?

The mask must have at least three layers to work.

The most common medical Surgical Mask is a rectangular mask, which does not fit closely with the face. All masks are divided into three layers, namely outer layer, middle layer, and inner layer, the outer layer has a waterproof effect; the middle layer has
Filtration, 90% of particles larger than 5 microns can be blocked; the inner layer is used to absorb moisture. The main difference between protective masks and medical surgical masks is the intermediate adsorption layer.

When the saliva droplets in the mouth are splashed outward, the outermost layer of the mask can play a certain blocking role, and bacteria and viruses in the air can be adsorbed in the middle layer, which plays an effective filtering role to ensure
We breathe clean air.

How long does the mask need to be replaced?

The study found that the N95 mask was worn for 2 days, the filtering effect remained above 95%, and the respiratory resistance did not change much; the filtering effect was reduced to 94.7% after wearing for 3 days.

Can wearing multiple masks better prevent new coronavirus infections?

As far as Medical masks are concerned, any qualified product that is properly worn requires only one to achieve the desired protective effect. The higher the level of protection effect, the greater the breathing resistance of the mask. When we wear
The feeling of experience will be a little bit worse, and the sense of comfort will also be reduced. When people wear a mask and breathe in, the mask will have a certain resistance to the flow of air. When the breathing resistance is too large, people will feel dizzy,
Chest tightness and other discomforts. If you wear an improper mask, not only will it make you breathless, but the air cannot enter the nasal cavity from the front, but only from the side, but it will not play a preventive role.

Therefore, as long as it is a qualified product, medical protective masks and general medical surgical masks can effectively prevent new coronavirus infections, that is, prevent the spread of pathogens carried by respiratory droplets.

Surgical Mask

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