Details of this winter fur popular fur coat with

Fur, has always been the luxury of women's fashion clothing. Will this winter fur popular? Fur coat what style is good? The whole coat is fur mink decoration too extravagant, but the details of the embellishment of environmental protection and fashion, set off the light of women familiar with the United States. The two introduced below, are new products this season oh.


Most classic winter, the most popular color, camel is very popular. In the winter is also very wild. Fur fur collar decoration, as a whole added a sense of heavy. Long paragraph version, exquisite fabrics, first-class upper body effect, very lovable. Striped skirt with simple and beautiful, the overall temperament extraordinary.

今年冬季流行皮草吗 细节皮草外套搭配

This red coat simple style, burgundy fur collar decoration, set off the beautiful girl color. Warm thick coat, with a print Slim pants, personalized fashion, a new generation of urban women's decline of the trend interpretation of the most vividly. With a pair of dark-colored heels, temperament charm.

Picture taken from: Sidi Daisha Women

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