Her song winter coat wave hit the warm atmosphere to show noble quality

" Her song " from the European and South Korean fashion design concept, advocating fashion, self-confidence, leisure life philosophy, full of youthful eternal beauty. Has consistently demonstrated the subtle, beautiful, stylish, tender and lively modern ladies casual style, follow the innocence of the passage of time, integrate the essence of Eastern and Western clothing culture, feeling the latest fashion information, in the calm and leisurely dress as a carrier, Tell us about the changes of this era and the perception of life, romantic and simple sensuality and calm, to create free, avant-garde yet subtle elegance and romance.


Blue-purple Slim coat highlights the modern temperament, metal double-breasted simple atmosphere, bow waistband waist highlights outstanding quality.

她之曲冬季大衣风潮来袭 温暖大气尽显高贵品质

Camel big lapel wool coat is synonymous with temperament and quality, almost an essential manpower a single product, the winter warm and cold can wear out of international star children Oh.

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