Fashion City • Charm Man - BENBO 06 New Winter Press Conference in Guangzhou

Fashion City • Charm Man - BENBO 06 New Winter Press Conference in Guangzhou

On the afternoon of April 22, the beautiful Guangzhou City - Guangzhou Garden Hotel was well-dressed with celebrities and celebrities gathered together. The German brand BENBO06 autumn and winter new product launch event was shown off here. The event attracted widespread attention from the apparel industry, the fashion industry and all walks of life in Guangdong. The leaders of the relevant departments of the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Municipal Government, the leaders of the Guangdong Clothing Apparel Association, the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, and the Guangzhou Investment Promotion Association, etc. Friendship stores, Tianhe City, Guangzhou Haizhu Shopping Mall, Wangfujing, China Plaza, Binfen Fashion Mall, Times Square, Guangzhou Department Store, and New Daxin, the heads of major clothing malls, attended the event.
The theme of the conference was "Fashion City • Charm Man". On the distinctive fashion T-shaped show platform, more than 20 domestic and foreign professional models performed the fashion design concept of BENBO's autumn/winter fashion and casual wear in 2006, which inspired the city. The pulse of men has attracted many experts and fashion professionals in the apparel industry, and has also attracted the attention of apparel companies across the country.
In autumn and winter of 2006, BENBO launched three series of men's clothing, including "Upstart Classic", "Fashion City" and "Popular Sports". The conference adopts the form of a scenario show, and fully expresses a fashion urban man who pursues fashion personality, free and easy taste, and will understand life by using rich body language. In the historical dictionary of Chinese dress development, “fashion and leisure” is a brand new term, and BENBO is the creator of this term, thus creating a new era in the fashion field, so that clothing needs to be upgraded from a single functional experience to the enjoyment of the soul. Experience. "New content and new ideas" make life more quality.
According to the introduction of Bingbao Garment Chairman Min Xu Jin, fashion and leisure is the main design style of BENBO. The three series of costumes, “Upstart Classic”, “Fashion City” and “Popular Sport” are combined with urban men in real life, working and socializing. Life attitude, based on traditional men's wear, gives it a new concept. With a minimalist, atmospheric, and fashionable style, it outlines the urban men’s esthetics of clothing from the point of view of wear and tear, while unconsciously facing the pressure of work and life. Mentality recognition, interpretation of a new way of life, efforts to create urban men to create a stylish, elegant, self-confidence, will live the elite image, become the preferred dress of urban men.

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