Congratulations to Miss Wang Lina for opening a new store. I wish my business is booming

June has halfway through the unknowingly, I do not know if you plan to complete the beginning of the month or the goal of how? For Miss Wang Lina from Zhejiang Province, the new June is the most memorable in her life the most meaningful January, because Miss Wang's new store in the recent grand opening it! Then let's go to the scene to see the new store Wang now! Romantic pink garland arches warmly welcomed the arrival of customers, beautiful flower basket for the opening of the new store adds a bit festive atmosphere, from the pro-parent brand installed parent-child summer loaded with an array of new products for every customer into the store Diverse choices, ultra-low discount is even more exciting, if you also want to buy cheap and affordable parent-child equipment, then quickly bring your baby, to Miss Wang's shop to buy it! Pro-shanghai parent-child equipment designed for 80, 90 after the parents to create a warm and loving fashion parent-child equipment, along with the children and parents happy and healthy growth, add color for the child's childhood, is now popular paternity brand, pro-Shang High brand awareness and quality products and services is to protect the consumer market, so that more and more franchisees joined the pro-this family, if you also want to be a pro-Shang, please call! Merchants Hotline:

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