Summer underwear fabric selection method you choose underwear yet?

Heat of the summer has come to us, how to choose suitable for summer wear underwear should be a lot of parents who are required courses. Xiaobian today to share with you the choice of a summer underwear the most important point: underwear fabrics. Under the fabric selected underwear can be selected to really fit their own. Underwear now generally use more fabrics, including cotton, silk, chemical fiber, hemp fiber, bamboo fiber, and other natural fibers.



Cotton fibers pop out from cottonseed easy-going personality can easily be dyed into various colors, and cotton fibers are very breathable and particularly absorbent, is the main material for most underwear. In addition, the durability of cotton fibers is also recognized.

夏季内衣面料挑选方法 你选对内衣了吗?


Silk is known as the "queen" of textiles, and people accept it not only because of its beauty, lightness and softness, but also because of its unique health care function: moisture permeability. Hot summer, silk underwear hygroscopicity and breathability, is conducive to regulating the body temperature and humidity. And our Mana silk underwear overcomes the technical barrier of silk fabric non-bomble easy drawing, the product is comfortable, soft, delicate, low shrinkage, not easy to change, good breathability, strong hygroscopicity. The use of imported environmental dyes and technology, green, does not stimulate the skin, strong coloring, and has a good anti-hook wire performance, increased strength, more durable wash wear. Feel smooth and moisturized, rich and crisp appearance, strong sense of hanging, breathable, especially suitable for summer wear.

夏季内衣面料挑选方法 你选对内衣了吗?

Chemical fiber

Chemical fiber fabrics to wear easily, soft, crisp, and colorful, has always been the favorite of people. However, they are a bit irritating to the skin. Because chemical fiber raw materials are extracted from coal, petroleum, natural gas and other polymer compounds or nitrogen compounds, some of which are likely to become allergens, once into the body, it can easily lead to atopic dermatitis, causing itching, pain, Inflamed or blistered. In addition, such fabrics are poorly breathable and hygroscopic, affecting sweat evaporation and skin respiration.

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