Comfortable home fashion clothes carefree body, caring, distribute charm

Wearing a suit all day, the home transform easiest dress to adjust their status bar, Healthy Man installed as small underwear as considerate, care of your body, such as the comforts of home services, care of your body and mind, such as fashion Like fashion, distribute your charm.


The popular four-way cycle of ethnic fashion printing industry and the intersection of fashion, the national elements and modern fashion together, combined with the popular colors of the home service, more modern, simple and casual style, dovetail tail mate, nor Forget sexy women's sexy waist line and posture.

康居漫装时尚家居服  呵护身体、关怀身心、散发魅力

The use of gradient effect of showing the romantic and light, bright colors and contrasting color of the formation of both light effects, but also integrated into a whole, gradient background color plus positioning printing, both vivid and increase the beauty of women, a collar collar design presents moving clavicle, Tight waist play a self-cultivation role.

Evil Eye Bracelet, also called [Turkey blue eyes Bracelet". The evil eye originated from turkey, everyone of turkey will hang an evil eye at home or on the body, the evil eye can take away the evil and jealous. So the evil eye bracelet is very hot in turkey, usually, the evil eye Bracelet is used as a tourist souvenir by the local of turkey.
Of course, there are many evil eye jewelry, like evil eye Necklace, evil eye bracelet, evil eye earring and so on. Just the evil eye bracelet is more hot and more styles on the market, such as hamsa hand evil eye bracelet, crystal evil eye bracelet, gold plated evil eye bangle and so on.

Evil Eye Bracelet

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