Workplace survival rules with the fall wear white-collar workers wear good clothes

"Marrying a rich person is not as good as being a rich person, and a woman can only get a real sense of security when it comes to personality and economic independence." The recent episode of Luo Li in the hit TV series "Divorce Lawyer" awakened countless families Housewives, a profound exposure of the current situation of women. Women are no longer the same as before, simply relying on men can be well-fed, women need their own efforts to obtain a sense of security and happiness. Therefore, we are in the workplace we absolutely can not give up the existing cause, and began to wash their hands soup housewife life. Fighting the workplace need spiritual input and struggle, but also need to have a good image to pave the way for your career, is the law of survival of the workplace essential for a more refined and refined woman, I believe your career will be more Colorful.


As the brand women's 2014 autumn new, colorful printed dress, classic shirt collar line with the workplace atmosphere, printing style to break the dull colors. Outside the simple black coat, five-point sleeves personality is very fashionable, the entire match to show the style of an OL, simple atmosphere, elegant yet capable. It seems that the atmosphere with the Queen also brought aura.

职场生存法则之职业装搭配   秋天职场白领穿什么衣服好

Simple atmosphere is a feature such as women's clothing, with a simple outline of the more abundant women show the inherent. Akira as autumn new black and white stitching shirt & geometric printing nine pants, OL trendy modern distribution of arbitrary temperament, a small black suit highlight the mature atmosphere of the woman, professional clothing, elegant taste, let you bloom around the city's beauty.

职场生存法则之职业装搭配   秋天职场白领穿什么衣服好

The workplace is not only black and white, beautiful colors make you very dazzling office in the dazzling. As fresh and noble as the women's emerald green jacket, simple profile and a classic buckle fusion, full sense of quality. Take a black shirt and retro style flower skirt hip skirt, add a touch of elegance and vitality for the overall shape.

One of normal fabric, can be made to shirts,blouses,dress,trousers has solid,y/d,print etc.                                                           

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