Warm congratulations YOLSO still show 51 new store opening day grand eight

51 is the new beginning of May, we have ushered in the good weather on May 1 day, May 1 is a small holiday, returning home crowd is more, although blocked in the high-speed but still happy, YOLSO still show women also welcome The happiest thing to do, May Day eight new grand opening of the store, looking old and new customers visit the guide.

Opening of the new store is certainly a good gift to send non-stop, the eight stores are: Chengdu and shop, Gaobu shop, Dongguan Humen shop, Dongguan Liaobu Jingtai Times Square shop, Liaobu Dongguan shop, Shenzhen Shajing shop, Heyuan Peace shop, Guizhou Guiyang shop, these eight shops are all provinces and cities the most prosperous lots, I believe the performance will rise step by step.


YOLSO still show for the constant pursuit of quality of life of urban women tailored to life ladies, exquisite workmanship and into the modern atmosphere of freedom, the introduction of each season series, designers are clever in the design of the classic, embroidery printing, special technology, etc. element. The perfect combination of style and detail, inadvertently turn the perfect curve of women revealed to create an elegant and comfortable image.

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