Warm congratulations to Sidai Daisha women Inner Mongolia Baotou store opened

Sidi Daisha with a perfect gesture for July drawn a successful full stop: Congratulations on the opening of Inner Mongolia Baotou store! Uninterrupted promotions, hurry to buy ...


Figure: Sidai Daisha Baotou shop map

Sri Lanka Daisy is what kind of brand?

Sri Radha Daisuo is less Shu Korean women as the main style of the brand, each season there are thousands of models unique and exclusive products, we chase the pace of fashion, but never follow the crowd, we learn the most current fashion elements, unique design Personalized clothing.


Figure: Sri Lanka Daisy 2014 autumn and winter new products

Szczecin Daisai clothes suitable for people of what age?

Sri Lanka Sai Daisy with modern women's independent personality, to create a confident, thinking perfect woman, mainly for the young consumer groups in their 20s and 30s. Sri Lanka Sai Daisha all women have their own beauty and wonderful.

Body Suits

Lace Bodysuit,Black Bodysuit,White Bodysuit,Long Sleeve Bodysuit

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